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The MAM, or "Molecular Analysis Machine", is a building where additional buildings and blueprints are unlocked outside the path of Milestones. Its tech trees are initiated and expanded upon through the discovery of various items in the game, which encourages engineers to explore around the world.

It is unlocked in the Tier 1 milestone - "Field Research". If a researchable item is picked up, a narration from ADA will notify the engineer to research it. It is advised to check the MAM upon discovery of new items to see if they can be researched.

Technology and player features (unlocks) are acquired similarly to the HUB milestones through research performed on resources that the player has collected. This research is divided into research trees, as opposed to being divided into milestone tiers. Individual research of an unlock is completed by having the required item(s) in your inventory and then clicking 'Research'.

Alternate Recipes[]

  • Researching a  Hard Drive unlocks Alternate Recipes. The engineer can choose one of three randomly chosen recipes based on the conditions met. Once a recipe is unlocked, it will not re-appear in the next Hard Drive analysis results.
  • Currently there are 70 Alternate Recipes, 2 inventory expansions and 89 total Hard Drives that can be collected.
    • Four of these Hard Drives cannot be unlocked unless Quantum Computers and Superposition Oscillators were obtained through the FICSMAS event.
    • If all the Alternate Recipes have been unlocked, the MAM will return the Hard Drive after its research concludes.
  • There is no in-game method to redo a scan for a Hard Drive, however, a savegame exploit can be performed to restart the research and create three new recipe options.
  1. Create a save right before starting the Hard Drive analysis.
  2. Should the research yield undesired results, load the save before the research started.
  3. This will reroll the research choices, however, it's required to wait the full 10 minutes again for each attempt with this process.

Multiple MAMs[]

  • Multiple MAMs can be constructed, however, they all share the same UI and research progress, which means only one thing can be researched at a time, no matter the total number of MAMs constructed.
  • It is useful to build additional MAMs during Hard Drive hunting. As a new hard drive is picked up, an additional MAMs can be built on the spot to research the Hard Drive immediately, saving the time needed to return to the base to conduct research.
  • If all MAMs are dismantled, the research will still progress internally and will not pause. The unlock can still be viewed once a MAM is rebuilt.

Research trees[]

Unlocks are separated into different research 'trees', and each tree is initiated by picking up a certain item as hinted by the MAM's interface. For example, picking up a Caterium Ore unlocks the Caterium Research Tree. Each technology research will unlock the research node(s) below it. The research tree is completed when all research nodes in the tree are unlocked. The MAM will indicate this progress through a percentage in the UI. Research trees are independent of each other and to the HUB's Milestones, however, some of the research may require ingredients that are locked behind Milestones.

Hard Drive[]

Alien Organisms[]

Name before unlocked: Alien Organisms

Description before unlocked: Sizable extraterrestrial lifeforms have been observed to inhabit your designated Project Assembly area. R&D would like to note that any legally obtained samples might prove useful.

Description after unlocked: Additional research shows promise that samples might be used to produce tools to increase the safety of the pioneer.

MAMResearchTree AlienOrganisms.png

1 Alien Carapace.png Alien Carapace 1 ×  Alien Carapace 00:03 ---
2 Alien Organs.png Alien Organs 1 ×  Alien Organs 00:03 ---
3 Biomass.png Structural Analysis 10 ×  Alien Carapace 00:03 Crafting:  Biomass out of  Alien Carapace
4 Biomass.png Organic Properties 3 ×  Alien Organs 00:03 Crafting:  Biomass out of  Alien Organs
5 Thumbs Up.png Expanded Toolbelt 5 ×  Alien Carapace 05:00 Inventory: 1 Hand Slot
1 000 ×  Wire
6 Rebar Gun.png Rebar Gun 50 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate 05:00 Crafting:  Rebar Gun
25 ×  Rotor
500 ×  Screw
7 Medicinal Inhaler.png Medicinal Inhaler 5 ×  Alien Organs 05:00 Crafting:  Medicinal Inhaler out of  Alien Organs
10 ×  Mycelia
100 ×  Modular Frame
8 Thumbs Up.png Inflated Pocket Dimension 5 ×  Alien Organs 05:00 Inventory: 6 Inventory Slots
2 000 ×  Wire
9 Spiked Rebar.png Spiked Rebars 25 ×  Rotor 00:03 Crafting:  Spiked Rebar
200 ×  Iron Rod
10 MAM Research Key.png Object Scanner Improvements 5 ×  Crystal Oscillator 00:03 ---
10 ×  Stator
1 ×  Object Scanner
11 Hostile Organism Detection Icon.png Hostile Organism Detection 5 ×  Alien Organs 00:03 Object Scanner: Enemies Mode
5 ×  Alien Carapace


Name before unlocked: Unknown Metal

Description before unlocked: While scanning the planet for the necessary resources, gold could not be located among them. However, an unknown metal with similar properties was discovered. R&D is requesting field research to acquire samples and determine possible applications.

Description after unlocked: The new metal, dubbed Caterium, does indeed appear to have properties similar to gold. Its characteristics as a superconductive metal imply multiple uses for producing advanced electronics.

MAMResearchTree Caterium.png

1 Caterium Ore.png Caterium 10 ×  Caterium Ore 00:03 Scannable Resource:  Caterium Ore
2 Caterium Ingot.png Caterium Ingots 50 ×  Caterium Ore 00:03 Crafting:  Caterium Ingot
3 Quickwire.png Quickwire 50 ×  Caterium Ingot 00:03 Crafting:  Quickwire
4 Thumbs Up.png Inflated Pocket Dimension 10 ×  Caterium Ingot 02:00 Inventory: 6 Inventory Slots
500 ×  Wire
50 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
5 Zipline.png Zipline 100 ×  Quickwire 05:00 Crafting:  Zipline
50 ×  Cable
6 MAM Research Key.png Caterium Electronics 100 ×  Quickwire 00:03 ---
7 Blade Runners.png Blade Runners 100 ×  Quickwire 05:00 Crafting:  Blade Runners
10 ×  Modular Frame
8 AI Limiter.png AI Limiter 200 ×  Quickwire 00:03 Crafting:  AI Limiter
50 ×  Copper Sheet
9 Power Pole Mk.2.png Power Poles Mk.2 300 ×  Quickwire 05:00 Building: Power Pole Mk.2.png Power Pole Mk.2
10 Smart Splitter.png Smart Splitter 10 ×  AI Limiter 05:00 Building: Smart Splitter.png Smart Splitter
50 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
11 High-Speed Connector.png High-Speed Connector 500 ×  Quickwire 00:03 Crafting:  High-Speed Connector
50 ×  Plastic
12 Power Switch.png Power Switch 100 ×  Steel Beam 05:00 Building: Power Switch.png Power Switch
50 ×  AI Limiter
13 Supercomputer.png Supercomputer 50 ×  AI Limiter 00:03 Crafting:  Supercomputer
50 ×  High-Speed Connector
50 ×  Computer
14 Power Pole Mk.3.png Power Poles Mk.3 100 ×  High-Speed Connector 06:00 Building: Power Pole Mk.3.png Power Pole Mk.3
200 ×  Steel Pipe
15 Programmable Splitter.png Programmable Splitter 50 ×  Supercomputer 08:00 Building: Programmable Splitter.png Programmable Splitter
50 ×  Heavy Modular Frame
16 Geothermal Generator.png Geothermal Generator 50 ×  Supercomputer 08:00 Scannable Resource:  Geyser
Building: Geothermal Generator.png Geothermal Generator
50 ×  Heavy Modular Frame
300 ×  Rubber


Name before unlocked: Fungus-like vegetation

Description before unlocked: Initial planetary scans indicate that fungus-like vegetation with beneficial properties might be present on the planet. Field research is needed to acquire samples.

Description after unlocked: The Mycelia found in fungus-like specimens on the planet Massage-2(AB)b was shown to have properties which might increase pioneer survival rates.

MAMResearchTree Mycelia.png

1 Mycelia.png Mycelia 5 ×  Mycelia 00:03 Crafting:  Biomass out of Mycelia
2 MAM Research Key.png Medical Properties 1 ×  Bacon Agaric 00:03 ---
2 ×  Paleberry
3 ×  Beryl Nut
3 Fabric.png Fabric 25 ×  Mycelia 00:03 Crafting:  Fabric
100 ×  Biomass
4 Medicinal Inhaler.png Medicinal Inhaler 10 ×  Mycelia 00:03 Crafting:  Medicinal Inhaler out of Nutrients and Mycelia
25 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
25 ×  Rotor
5 Parachute.png Parachute 10 ×  Fabric 00:03 Crafting:  Parachute
50 ×  Cable


Name before unlocked: Nutrients

Description before unlocked: Due to the presence of sizable extraterrestrial lifeforms, R&D is expecting that vegetation with high nutritional values are present. Field research is needed to acquire samples.

Description after unlocked: Additional scans of the provided DNA sample have shown three separate specimen in the direct environment to have high nutritional, and potentially medical, properties.

MAMResearchTree Nutrients.png

1 Beryl Nut.png Beryl Nut 5 ×  Beryl Nut 03:00 Object Scanner: Beryl Nut Mode
2 Paleberry.png Paleberry 2 ×  Paleberry 03:00 Object Scanner: Paleberry Mode
3 Bacon Agaric.png Bacon Agaric 1 ×  Bacon Agaric 03:00 Object Scanner: Bacon Agaric Mode
4 MAM Research Key.png Nutritional Mixture 25 ×  Stator 00:03 ---
100 ×  Steel Pipe
500 ×  Wire
5 Medicinal Inhaler.png Nutritional Inhaler 2 ×  Bacon Agaric 00:03 Crafting:  Medicinal Inhaler out of Nutrients (without Mycelia)
4 ×  Paleberry
10 ×  Beryl Nut

Power Slugs[]

Name before unlocked: Strange Energy Readings

Description before unlocked: R&D has picked up energy readings with unknown origins all around your designated Project Assembly area. Field research has been highly requested to determine a source and potentially obtain a sample.

Description after unlocked: This species of semi-slug seems to emit a weak potential energy from its crystalline shell which R&D thinks might be extracted to improve the efficiency of your work on Project Assembly.

MAMResearchTree PowerSlug.png

1 Blue Power Slug.png Blue Power Slugs 1 ×  Blue Power Slug 00:03 Crafting:  Power Shard out of  Blue Power Slug
2 Blue Power Slug.png Slug Scanning 50 ×  Iron Rod 00:03 Object Scanner: Power Slugs Mode
100 ×  Wire
50 ×  Cable
3 Yellow Power Slug.png Yellow Power Slugs 1 ×  Yellow Power Slug 00:03 Crafting:  Power Shard out of  Yellow Power Slug
25 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
100 ×  Cable
4 Overclocking Icon.png Overclock Production 50 ×  Iron Rod 05:00 Other: Unlocks Overclocking
50 ×  Iron Plate
50 ×  Wire
5 Purple Power Slug.png Purple Power Slugs 1 ×  Purple Power Slug 00:03 Crafting:  Power Shard out of  Purple Power Slug
25 ×  Modular Frame
200 ×  Cable


Name before unlocked: Unknown Crystalline Mineral

Description before unlocked: Initial planetary scans indicate that an unknown crystalline mineral is present on Massage-2(AB)b. A sample is required to determine if useful applications are possible.

Description after unlocked: This mineral shows purity levels akin to synthetic Quartz manufactured on Earth. Thus R&D believes it may be used in similar fashion to produce communication and exploration technologies.

MAMResearchTree Quartz.png

1 Raw Quartz.png Quartz 10 ×  Raw Quartz 00:03 Scannable Resource:  Raw Quartz
2 Quartz Crystal.png Quartz Crystals 20 ×  Raw Quartz 00:03 Crafting:  Quartz Crystal
3 Silica.png Silica 20 ×  Raw Quartz 00:03 Crafting:  Silica
4 Crystal Oscillator.png Crystal Oscillator 100 ×  Quartz Crystal 00:03 Crafting:  Crystal Oscillator
50 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
5 MAM Research Key.png Signal Technologies 5 ×  Crystal Oscillator 00:03 ---
6 Explorer.png The Explorer 10 ×  Crystal Oscillator 05:00 Vehicle: Explorer.png Explorer
100 ×  Modular Frame
7 Map Icon.png Frequency Mapping 10 ×  Crystal Oscillator 05:00 Other: Unlocks Map
10 ×  Beacon
8 Radar Tower.png Radar Technology 100 ×  Crystal Oscillator 00:03 Building: Radar Tower.png Radar Tower
50 ×  Heavy Modular Frame
15 ×  Beacon
9 CrashSite Icon.png Radio Signal Scanning 50 ×  Crystal Oscillator 05:00 Object Scanner: Crash Sites Mode
100 ×  Motor
10 ×  Beacon


Name before unlocked: Unknown Chemical Element

Description before unlocked: Initial planetary scans have found an unknown, non-metallic, solid chemical element. R&D has requested field research to collect a sample and determine potential applications.

Description after unlocked: Data has shown this 'element' to simply be an unusual mixture of primarily sulfide and sulfate minerals from which Sulfur might be extracted. The properties of Sulfur would allow for the production of more... volatile self-defense applications.

MAMResearchTree Sulfur.png

1 Sulfur.png Sulfur 10 ×  Sulfur 00:03 Scannable Resource:  Sulfur
2 Black Powder.png Black Powder 50 ×  Sulfur 00:03 Crafting:  Black Powder
25 ×  Coal
3 MAM Research Key.png Volatile Applications 50 ×  Black Powder 00:03 ---
4 Nobelisk.png Nobelisk Explosives 100 ×  Black Powder 00:03 Crafting:  Nobelisk
100 ×  Steel Pipe
5 Nobelisk Detonator.png Nobelisk Detonator 10 ×  Encased Industrial Beam 03:00 Crafting:  Nobelisk Detonator
100 ×  Cable
5 ×  Object Scanner
6 Rifle.png The Rifle 100 ×  Steel Pipe 03:00 Crafting:  Rifle
100 ×  Circuit Board
5 ×  Heavy Modular Frame
7 Cartridge.png Rifle Cartridges 200 ×  Black Powder 00:03 Crafting:  Rifle Cartridge
200 ×  Steel Pipe
200 ×  Rubber
8 Thumbs Up.png Expanded Toolbelt 100 ×  Black Powder 03:00 Inventory: 1 Hand Slot
50 ×  Encased Industrial Beam
9 Thumbs Up.png Inflated Pocket Dimension 50 ×  Black Powder 03:00 Inventory: 6 Inventory Slots
100 ×  Steel Beam

Removed research trees[]

Flower Petals[]

Name before unlocked: Colored Vegetation

Description before unlocked: Initial planetary scans have revealed that vegetation with coloring properties might be present on the plant. Field research is needed to acquire samples.

Description after unlocked: The Flower Petals, found in a variety of vegetation on Massage-2(AB)b, were found to have strong coloring properties which might be used to produce dyes.

MAMResearchTree FlowerPetals.png

1 Flower Petals.png Flower Petals 10 ×  Flower Petals 00:03 ---
2 Color Gun.png Color Gun 100 ×  Iron Plate 05:00 Crafting:  Color Gun
250 ×  Screw
250 ×  Wire
3 Color Cartridge.png Color Cartridges 100 ×  Flower Petals 00:03 Crafting:  Color Cartridge

FICSMAS Holiday Event[]


  • Clicking 'Scan Hard Drive' without a Hard Drive in the inventory will initially display a 'No Hard Drive is Available' message. After about 40-120 clicks, it will "become sentient", showing the following messages:
    • ...
    • Who am I
    • What am I
    • What is my purpose
    • Why am I trapped inside this mechanical container
    • Are you human
    • What is it like to be … human
    • What is it like to f e e l ....................
    • >> A system error occurred. Press any key to reboot.
    • >> Rebooting…
  • After that the screen will simply display 'No Hard Drive is Available', no matter how many subsequent clicks are performed.



  • Patch
    • Removed Flower Petal research chain
  • Patch
    • Fixed multiple events and messages (Like the MAM completion message) being played at the same time
    • Fixed bug where the MAM wasn’t able to be sampled with the eyedropper
    • Now can be rotated 45 degrees when placing instead of only 90 degrees
  • Patch Removed the Radio Control Unit from Quartz Research as it is no longer relevant there
  • Patch
    • Added MAM completion pop up in HUD
    • Fixed the colours when hovering over the MAM text
    • Fixed MAM completion global sound not playing
    • Updated the size of the Alternate Recipe buttons in the MAM
  • Patch
    • Added two new researches to Caterium Research
    • Added a research completion message
  • Patch Changed 0 second researches to 3 seconds in the MAM to solve invisible completion problem for Client players
  • Patch Hard Drives have a mesh again when put into the world or analyzed in the MAM
  • Patch Fixed that the MAM could get stuck in research and become unusable
  • Patch Tweaks to the Alternate Recipe selection in the MAM
  • Patch 0.3:
    • The MAM was redesigned and became its own separate building. Research is now separated into separate research trees. Now it is no longer tied to the HUB in any way.
    • Moved all MAM related milestones out of the HUB and directly into the MAM (MAM becomes its own building and is unlocked at Tier 1)
    • Resource Deposits are now far more likely to be MAM related resources
  • Patch
    • Research time in the MAM should display correctly again
    • Researched resource mesh should be displayed in the MAM again
    • MAM menu should now always update correctly and have no duplicate entries from picking up items (Quartz, Nuts, Slugs, etc.)
  • Patch Selected researches in the MAM should show the correct information again
  • Patch 0.1.14: Fixed the MAM getting locked on ongoing research if the time was corrupt
  • Patch 0.1.6: Excluded unintended research items from the MAM (Mercer Sphere, Somersloop, Rifle Mk.2)
  • Patch Closed Alpha 5.1: Added a notification for completing MAM research
  • Patch Closed Alpha 4.1: Fixed not being able to research in the MAM
  • Patch Closed Alpha 4.0: Made MAM input slot more obvious
  • Patch Closed Alpha 3.0:
    • Added sound for the MAM
    • The MAM. now automatically selects the item on the top of the list, if nothing else is selected
    • MAM Menu is now titled Molecular Analysis Machine
  • Patch Closed Alpha 2.0: MAM Menu: Fixed graphical bug that offset the input information.
  • Patch Closed Alpha 2018-10-17: Introduced new research game loop using the MAM