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The Manufacturer is a building used to automate the production of three or four-ingredient items.


Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Adaptive Control Unit12015x  Automated Wiring7.5/min
10x  Circuit Board5/min
2x  Heavy Modular Frame1/min
2x  Computer1/min
2x  Adaptive Control Unit1/min
alt Automated Miner601x  Motor1/min
4x  Steel Pipe4/min
4x  Iron Rod4/min
2x  Iron Plate2/min
1x  Portable Miner1/min
Beacon83x  Iron Plate22.5/min
1x  Iron Rod7.5/min
15x  Wire112.5/min
2x  Cable15/min
1x  Beacon7.5/min
alt Caterium Computer167x  Circuit Board26.25/min
28x  Quickwire105/min
12x  Rubber45/min
1x  Computer3.8/min
alt Classic Battery86x  Sulfur45/min
7x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet52.5/min
8x  Plastic60/min
12x  Wire90/min
4x  Battery30/min
Computer2410x  Circuit Board25/min
9x  Cable22.5/min
18x  Plastic45/min
52x  Screw130/min
1x  Computer2.5/min
alt Crystal Beacon1204x  Steel Beam2/min
16x  Steel Pipe8/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator0.5/min
20x  Beacon10/min
Crystal Oscillator12036x  Quartz Crystal18/min
28x  Cable14/min
5x  Reinforced Iron Plate2.5/min
2x  Crystal Oscillator1/min
alt Flexible Framework161x  Modular Frame3.75/min
6x  Steel Beam22.5/min
8x  Rubber30/min
2x  Versatile Framework7.5/min
Gas Filter85x  Coal37.5/min
2x  Rubber15/min
2x  Fabric15/min
1x  Gas Filter7.5/min
alt Heavy Encased Frame648x  Modular Frame7.5/min
10x  Encased Industrial Beam9.375/min
36x  Steel Pipe33.75/min
22x  Concrete20.625/min
3x  Heavy Modular Frame2.8/min
alt Heavy Flexible Frame165x  Modular Frame18.75/min
3x  Encased Industrial Beam11.25/min
20x  Rubber75/min
104x  Screw390/min
1x  Heavy Modular Frame3.8/min
Heavy Modular Frame305x  Modular Frame10/min
15x  Steel Pipe30/min
5x  Encased Industrial Beam10/min
100x  Screw200/min
1x  Heavy Modular Frame2/min
High-Speed Connector1656x  Quickwire210/min
10x  Cable37.5/min
1x  Circuit Board3.75/min
1x  High-Speed Connector3.8/min
alt High-Speed Wiring322x  Stator3.75/min
40x  Wire75/min
1x  High-Speed Connector1.875/min
4x  Automated Wiring7.5/min
alt Infused Uranium Cell125x  Uranium25/min
3x  Silica15/min
5x  Sulfur25/min
15x  Quickwire75/min
4x  Encased Uranium Cell20/min
alt Insulated Crystal Oscillator3210x  Quartz Crystal18.75/min
7x  Rubber13.125/min
1x  AI Limiter1.875/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator1.9/min
Iodine Infused Filter161x  Gas Filter3.75/min
8x  Quickwire30/min
1x  Aluminum Casing3.75/min
1x  Iodine Infused Filter3.8/min
Magnetic Field Generator1205x  Versatile Framework2.5/min
2x  Electromagnetic Control Rod1/min
10x  Battery5/min
2x  Magnetic Field Generator1/min
Modular Engine602x  Motor2/min
15x  Rubber15/min
2x  Smart Plating2/min
1x  Modular Engine1/min
alt Plastic Smart Plating241x  Reinforced Iron Plate2.5/min
1x  Rotor2.5/min
3x  Plastic7.5/min
2x  Smart Plating5/min
Plutonium Fuel Rod24030x  Encased Plutonium Cell7.5/min
18x  Steel Beam4.5/min
6x  Electromagnetic Control Rod1.5/min
10x  Heat Sink2.5/min
1x  Plutonium Fuel Rod0.3/min
alt Radio Connection Unit164x  Heat Sink15/min
2x  High-Speed Connector7.5/min
12x  Quartz Crystal45/min
1x  Radio Control Unit3.8/min
alt Radio Control System401x  Crystal Oscillator1.5/min
10x  Circuit Board15/min
60x  Aluminum Casing90/min
30x  Rubber45/min
3x  Radio Control Unit4.5/min
Radio Control Unit4832x  Aluminum Casing40/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator1.25/min
1x  Computer1.25/min
2x  Radio Control Unit2.5/min
Rifle Cartridge201x  Beacon3/min
10x  Steel Pipe30/min
10x  Black Powder30/min
10x  Rubber30/min
5x  Rifle Cartridge15/min
alt Rigour Motor483x  Rotor3.75/min
3x  Stator3.75/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator1.25/min
6x  Motor7.5/min
alt Seismic Nobelisk408x  Black Powder12/min
8x  Steel Pipe12/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator1.5/min
4x  Nobelisk6/min
alt Silicon High-Speed Connector4060x  Quickwire90/min
25x  Silica37.5/min
2x  Circuit Board3/min
2x  High-Speed Connector3/min
alt Super-State Computer503x  Computer3.6/min
2x  Electromagnetic Control Rod2.4/min
20x  Battery24/min
45x  Wire54/min
2x  Supercomputer2.4/min
Supercomputer322x  Computer3.75/min
2x  AI Limiter3.75/min
3x  High-Speed Connector5.625/min
28x  Plastic52.5/min
1x  Supercomputer1.9/min
Thermal Propulsion Rocket1205x  Modular Engine2.5/min
2x  Turbo Motor1/min
6x  Cooling System3/min
2x  Fused Modular Frame1/min
2x  Thermal Propulsion Rocket1/min
alt Turbo Electric Motor647x  Motor6.5625/min
9x  Radio Control Unit8.4375/min
5x  Electromagnetic Control Rod4.6875/min
7x  Rotor6.5625/min
3x  Turbo Motor2.8/min
Turbo Motor324x  Cooling System7.5/min
2x  Radio Control Unit3.75/min
4x  Motor7.5/min
24x  Rubber45/min
1x  Turbo Motor1.9/min
alt Turbo Pressure Motor324x  Motor7.5/min
1x  Pressure Conversion Cube1.875/min
24x  Packaged Nitrogen Gas45/min
8x  Stator15/min
2x  Turbo Motor3.8/min
Uranium Fuel Rod15050x  Encased Uranium Cell20/min
3x  Encased Industrial Beam1.2/min
5x  Electromagnetic Control Rod2/min
1x  Uranium Fuel Rod0.4/min
alt Uranium Fuel Unit300100x  Encased Uranium Cell20/min
10x  Electromagnetic Control Rod2/min
3x  Crystal Oscillator0.6/min
6x  Beacon1.2/min
3x  Uranium Fuel Rod0.6/min


Main article: Clock speed

The Manufacturer can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Manufacturer at the cost of greatly increased power demand proportional to output.

Clock speed 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 250%
Consumption (MW) 5.99 18.14 34.71 55 105.22 166.73 238.27


  • The Manufacturer appears to be constructing a Quantum Computer, regardless of the actual recipe it is processing. It is, therefore, the only building where an actual in-game item appears to be constructed (both the Constructor and Assembler appear to construct non-existent parts seemingly out of iron).
  • Unlike the Constructor and Assembler, the Manufacturer's crafting animation always plays at the same speed, rather than going faster or slower to keep pace with actual production.
  • If a Manufacturer is repainted, the Quantum Computers it appears to be manufacturing will share its new color scheme.
  • Despite the new model being about 13 meters tall, its construction hitbox is only eight meters tall.



  • Patch 0.3: Updated sounds and build cost
  • Patch Model, sounds and animations updated, its hitbox however remained the same despite the new model being taller
  • Patch 0.1.11:
    • Changed build cost from 2 Heavy Modular Frame, 2 Motor, and 3 Computer to 5 Heavy Modular Frame, 5 Motor, and 5 Computer
    • Changed length and width from 20 x 22 m to 18 x 19 m

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