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No item in foliage is an interactable error piece of flora that can be found in the Northern and Southern Forests. Upon being interacted with, it disappears. There is also a rock error flora in the Dune Desert that can be picked up, but nothing is obtained. When the item is picked up, it makes a sound of that when the Pioneer uses the Shortcut buttons in any form of Storage Containers (Store or Take All)

The object resembles a blob of Crude Oil or a medium-sized rock. Before Patch 0.3, the blob used to yield small amounts of it, alongside specific plants that would yield it when cut with the  Chainsaw. However, as Patch 0.3 turned Crude Oil to a fluid, and fluids cannot be held in the inventory (unpackaged), the blobs of Crude Oil caused to yield nothing, hence 'no item in foliage'.[1]

As of Patch, some rocks in the Dune Desert can be picked up, showing No item in foliage as well.


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