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The Non Flying Bird is a small bird-like creature that sticks to the undergrowth. It has a colorful plumage with green upper parts and blue underparts. It has a small blue crest or tufted feathers on the crown. The bare tail is black. It uses its four-parted bill and three tongues to mimic the petals and pistils of a flower to lure in unsuspecting insects that it feeds on. Very surprising, the bird may flee by taking flight if attacked.

It is harmless and tends to avoid pioneers that come close to it. Despite its name, it is capable of flight, but only for short distances and if sufficiently disturbed.

It was shown in July 2018 in the teaser video "The REAL meaning of fear...". [1]

Non Flying Birds can be found in large quantities in dense forests and jungle areas.


  • The Non Flying Birds wander around, are passive toward pioneers, but will run and sometimes fly away if a player sprints near them or attacks them.
  • The Non Flying Birds may feed by themselves[2] or feed in groups and may ignore the player while busy feeding.[3]


  • Its official name was confirmed by Hannah during a livestream.
  • Non Flying Birds drop no loot when killed.