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A nuclear hog or a uranium cliff hog is the nuclear version of every hog combined. It throws regular rocks with a somewhat different looks. It guards particularly precious locations, often in a proximity to the Uranium resource nodes.

It has 150 hitpoints (around 3 full magazines of Homing Rifle Ammo are needed for a kill), and he deals 50 damage with the rocks, on top of the 40 damage from charge and additional 10 damage from radiation. Given that radiation damage stacks with the environment - a fight near the Uranium nodes should be avoided, luring Hog away, to a more comfortable location.

Nuclear hogs are easiest to kill with a use of Rifle and a pre-prepared elevated position with cover (e.g. foundations with walls and a gap to shoot through). Alternatively, one can use Nobelisk or Xeno-Basher and a Stun rebars. Finally, one might lure hog between three walls or 4 meter tall Foundations and then lock it down in place, but that requires extremely precise timing and can be considered the most challenging way. You may also want to use a Hazmat Suit to not get damaged by radiation.

Once killed, Nuclear Hog will still radiation damage from the dead body. It will be safe only after body despawns. Once you kill it, 7 Hog Remains are dropped.

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The hog walking in the Caves of Raw Quartz.

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The teeth of the hog

20230719203449 1

A view of the nuclear hog attacking the Pioneer

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A dead nuclear hog drops 7 Alien Remains, and it's still nuclear.

this image is howing what a nuclear hog looks like from the side

The hog as seen from the side