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Disambig This article is about Object Scanner, not to be confused with Resource Scanner

Whether you’re a fan of treasure-hunts or you love exploring new planets and finding new, logic-defying things, this is the tool for you!
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

The Object Scanner is a tool used to scan objects of interest within a 250-meter radius. Its 'upgrades' are unlocked via MAM research, which allows for more objects to be scanned for.



Object Scanner
4 × Reinforced Iron Plate
Reinforced Iron Plate
20 × Wire
Equipment Workshop
Manual crafting × 10
1 × Object Scanner
Object Scanner
Tier 1 - Field Research
50 × Screw



Object Scanner Object Scanner is used in the Alien Organisms Research chain, Power Slugs Research chain and Sulfur Research chain in the MAM MAM for additional unlocks.


With the Object Scanner equipped, Right to cycle through scan-able objects or hold down Left to open up the radial menu. After selecting a scan target, the light atop the scanner will glow and blink the same color as the selected object once one is detected. When looking and moving in the general direction of the detected target, the detection bar on its screen will rise. At the same time, the white noise sound produced by the Object Scanner will fade and be replaced by a beeping that gets progressively more rapid the closer the object is.

Scannable objects[]

Research Resource
Slug Scanning Power Slug
Nutrients - Bacon Agaric Bacon Agaric
Nutrients - Beryl Nut Beryl Nut
Nutrients - Paleberry Paleberry
Radio Signal Scanning Crash Sites
Hostile Organism Detection Enemies **
  • *Points to enemies' corpses as well (until they despawn).
  • As mentioned above, each scannable resource has to be researched through the MAM first.


Nobelisk Detonator
1 × Object Scanner
Object Scanner
10 × Steel Beam
Steel Beam
Equipment Workshop
Manual crafting × 20
1 × Nobelisk Detonator
Nobelisk Detonator
Sulfur Research - The Nobelisk Detonator
50 × Cable


Object Scanner Object Scanner can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink AWESOME Sink to yield 1 400 points.


  • There are occasions that the beep is the strongest, but nothing can be found. This can mean the object is in a nearby cave or on a cliff.
  • Some objects can be hidden inside the cracked boulders, which will be inaccessible without Nobelisks.
  • Crash Sites will stop being detected after their Hard Drive is collected.


  • The item is named "Gemstone Scanner" internally because Power Slugs were gemstones before being changed to slugs prior to release.[1]



  • Patch
    • Crash Site scanning no longer points to Crash Sites if their Hard Drive has been collected
    • Changed 3 Beacon cost to 20 Wire
  • Patch Updated Object Scanner look
  • Patch The text on the Object Scanner will no longer disappear on different FOV settings
  • Patch Fixed a crash on load (and sometimes potentially during game) related to the Object Scanner
  • Patch 0.3: Object Scanner has updated screen graphics. It no longer relies just on sound.
  • Patch Closed Alpha 5.1: Moved Object Scanner and Beacon to HUB Upgrade 5
  • Patch Closed Alpha 2: Updated Object Scanner sounds and implementation.