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The Oil Extractor is a building used to extract fluid Crude Oil from its resource node. The default extraction rate is 120 m3/min, based on normal node purity (see below).


Oil Extractors can be built on top of an Oil node regardless if the node is fully covered by Foundations. When building on Foundations, its pipe outlet center is positioned exactly one meter above the floor.


 Crude Oil extraction rate (m3/min), with respect to Clock Speed and Oil node purity:

Items produced per minute

Oil Extractor

Oil Extractor

To calculate the Oil Extractor extraction speed:
120 x (node purity modifier) x (Clock Speed in decimal) = Extraction rate
Node purity modifier:

  • Impure = 0.5x,
  • Normal = 1x,
  • Pure = 2x.

An Oil Extractor on a pure node can only benefit from clockspeeds beyond 125% with Mk.2 Pipelines due to the 300 m3/min flowrate limit of Mk.1 Pipelines.

Head lift[]

Main article: Head lift

An Oil Extractor provides a head lift of 10 meters, measured from the center of its pipe outlet.


Main article: Clock speed

The Oil Extractor can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Oil Extractor at the cost of greatly increased power demand proportional to output.

Clock speed 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 250%
Consumption (MW) 4.35 13.2 25.24 40 76.53 121.26 173.29
Oil Extraction Speed by Node Purity (m3/min)
50% 100% 150% 200% 250%
Impure 30 60 90 120 150
Normal 60 120 180 240 300
Pure 120 240 360 480 600


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