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Objective-based introduction initialized. Welcome to: Onboarding.

The Onboarding tutorial teaches basic game mechanics at the start of the game. After the pioneer exits the drop-pod, they are asked by ADA to complete a series of objectives. In a multiplayer game, tutorial messages are shared. Only the host is required to complete the tutorial.


All the objectives are listed below in order.

  1. Dismantle F the Drop-pod with the Build Gun.
  2. Open the Codex X then close it Esc.
  3. Equip Tab ↹ the Xeno-Zapper.
  4. Use the Resource Scanner V to search and mine  Iron Ore.
  5. Build Q The HUB.
  6. Upgrade The HUB to level 1 to unlock the Personal Storage Box and the Portable Miner among other things.
  7. Upgrade The HUB to level 2 to unlock the Smelter and the first Biomass Burner among other things.
  8. Upgrade The HUB to level 3 to unlock the Constructor, Power Pole, and several other crafting components.
  9. Upgrade The HUB to level 4 to unlock Conveyor Belts and more.
  10. Upgrade The HUB to level 5 to unlock Miner Mk.1, an additional Biomass Burner among other things.
  11. Complete The HUB level 6 and get access to the FICSIT Freighter in addition to Biomass. You will also be able to build the Space Elevator after finishing this objective.

Further reading: Tier 0


  • Patch Dismantle is now available before the Codex step
  • Patch Codex step now has a voice-over and no longer blocks pick-up input
  • Patch
    • Added an additional step highlighting the Codex
    • Reworked Hint text
    • Hints are now received as emails that can be looked up in the Codex
  • Patch The button prompts now properly show the key bindings set by the player on the options menu
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Onboarding contents have been tweaked (to include the phrase "and pipelines" during the narration)
    • Now can be skipped entirely when starting a game from the main menu, making all Tier 0 Milestones already unlocked
  • Patch 0.1:
    • Tweaked hints a little bit
    • Fixed that entering the water during Onboarding resets the key restrictions
    • Tweaks to the Intro Sequence

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