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Objective-based introduction initialized. Welcome to: Onboarding.

The Onboarding tutorial teaches basic game mechanics at the start of the game. After the pioneer exits the drop-pod, they are asked by ADA to complete a series of objectives. In a multiplayer game, tutorial messages are shared. Only the host is required to complete the tutorial.

If Onboarding is skipped during the creation of a new game, the pioneer starts with these items in the inventory: 1x Xeno-Zapper Xeno-Zapper, 1x HUB Parts HUB Parts, 4x Portable Miner Portable Miner, 129x Iron Plate Iron Plate, 58x Concrete Concrete, 60x Iron Rod Iron Rod, 48x Wire Wire, 8x Reinforced Iron Plate Reinforced Iron Plate, 52x Cable Cable.


All the objectives are listed below in order.

  1. Dismantle F the Drop-pod with the Build Gun. Then, press Esc to exit the Dismantle mode.
  2. Open the Codex O then close it Esc.
  3. Equip Tab ↹ the Xeno-Zapper the close the inventory Esc.
  4. Use the Resource Scanner (Hold V then release) to search and mine E Iron Ore Iron Ore.
  5. Build Q The HUB on the ground.
  6. Upgrade The HUB to level 1 to unlock the Personal Storage Box and the Portable Miner among other things.
  7. Upgrade The HUB to level 2 to unlock the Smelter and the first Biomass Burner among other things.
  8. Upgrade The HUB to level 3 to unlock the Constructor, Power Pole, and several other crafting components.
  9. Upgrade The HUB to level 4 to unlock Conveyor Belts and more.
  10. Upgrade The HUB to level 5 to unlock Miner Mk.1, an additional Biomass Burner among other things.
  11. Complete The HUB level 6 and get access to the FICSIT Freighter in addition to Biomass. The Space Elevator can now be built.

Further reading: Tier 0


  • If Iron Ore is located then mined without using the Resource Scanner, that step will be ignored and ADA will inform to proceed to build The HUB.
  • If Iron Ore is not mined but is obtained anyway (such as using Command or mods), then this step will also be skipped.


  • Patch Dismantle is now available before the Codex step
  • Patch Codex step now has a voice-over and no longer blocks pick-up input
  • Patch
    • Added an additional step highlighting the Codex
    • Reworked Hint text
    • Hints are now received as emails that can be looked up in the Codex
  • Patch The button prompts now properly show the key bindings set by the player on the options menu
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Onboarding contents have been tweaked (to include the phrase "and pipelines" during the narration)
    • Now can be skipped entirely when starting a game from the main menu, making all Tier 0 Milestones already unlocked
  • Patch 0.1:
    • Tweaked hints a little bit
    • Fixed that entering the water during Onboarding resets the key restrictions
    • Tweaks to the Intro Sequence

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