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The Packager is a building used to package and unpackage fluids in and out of  Empty Canisters or  Empty Fluid Tanks. Both Canisters and Fluid Tanks are returned when fluid is unpackaged from them, allowing them to be reused. Packaged liquids can be transported with Conveyor Belts and is somewhat more efficient when transporting them with Conveyor Lifts due to the power usage of Pipeline Pumps.


Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Packaged Alumina Solution12x  Alumina Solution120/min
2x  Empty Canister120/min
2x  Packaged Alumina Solution120/min
Packaged Fuel32x  Fuel40/min
2x  Empty Canister40/min
2x  Packaged Fuel40/min
Packaged Heavy Oil Residue42x  Heavy Oil Residue30/min
2x  Empty Canister30/min
2x  Packaged Heavy Oil Residue30/min
Packaged Liquid Biofuel32x  Liquid Biofuel40/min
2x  Empty Canister40/min
2x  Packaged Liquid Biofuel40/min
Packaged Nitric Acid21x  Nitric Acid30/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank30/min
1x  Packaged Nitric Acid30/min
Packaged Nitrogen Gas14x  Nitrogen Gas240/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank60/min
1x  Packaged Nitrogen Gas60/min
Packaged Oil42x  Crude Oil30/min
2x  Empty Canister30/min
2x  Packaged Oil30/min
Packaged Sulfuric Acid32x  Sulfuric Acid40/min
2x  Empty Canister40/min
2x  Packaged Sulfuric Acid40/min
Packaged Turbofuel62x  Turbofuel20/min
2x  Empty Canister20/min
2x  Packaged Turbofuel20/min
Packaged Water22x  Water60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
2x  Packaged Water60/min
Unpackage Alumina Solution12x  Packaged Alumina Solution120/min
2x  Alumina Solution120/min
2x  Empty Canister120/min
Unpackage Fuel22x  Packaged Fuel60/min
2x  Fuel60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Heavy Oil Residue62x  Packaged Heavy Oil Residue20/min
2x  Heavy Oil Residue20/min
2x  Empty Canister20/min
Unpackage Liquid Biofuel22x  Packaged Liquid Biofuel60/min
2x  Liquid Biofuel60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Nitric Acid31x  Packaged Nitric Acid20/min
1x  Nitric Acid20/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank20/min
Unpackage Nitrogen Gas11x  Packaged Nitrogen Gas60/min
4x  Nitrogen Gas240/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank60/min
Unpackage Oil22x  Packaged Oil60/min
2x  Crude Oil60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Sulfuric Acid11x  Packaged Sulfuric Acid60/min
1x  Sulfuric Acid60/min
1x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Turbofuel62x  Packaged Turbofuel20/min
2x  Turbofuel20/min
2x  Empty Canister20/min
Unpackage Water12x  Packaged Water120/min
2x  Water120/min
2x  Empty Canister120/min


Main article: Clock speed

The Packager can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Packager at the cost of greatly increased power demand proportional to output.

Clock speed 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 250%
Consumption (MW) 1.09 3.3 6.31 10 19.13 30.31 43.32

Head lift[]

Main article: Head lift

The Packager has a recommended head lift of 10 meters, measured from the center of its pipe outlet.


  • "PAC-IT MK1" is written on the machine, suggesting that higher marks would be available, though it has been denied by developers.[1]
  • Before the introduction of the Packager, Refineries were given the job of packaging and unpackaging liquids. Refineries that were constructed after the update lost this ability.
  • To calculate the energy spent to package / unpackage a certain fluid:
    • Energy = 600 MJ / (rate of un/packaging in X/min) . The multiplier for the item recipe can be ignored as only the rate is concerned.