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Used for the packaging and unpacking of fluids. Head Lift: 10 meters. (Allows fluids to be transported 10 meters upwards.)
Contains both a Conveyor Belt and Pipe input and output, to allow for the automation of various recipes.
解鎖於 Tier 5 - Alternative Fluid Transport
類別 Production
子類別 Manufacturers
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The Packager is a building used to package and unpackage fluids in and out of  Empty Canisters. Canisters are returned when fluid is unpackaged from them, allowing them to be reused.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Packaged Alumina Solution12x  Alumina Solution120.0/min
2x  Empty Canister120.0/min
2x  Packaged Alumina Solution120/min
Packaged Fuel32x  Fuel40.0/min
2x  Empty Canister40.0/min
2x  Packaged Fuel40/min
Packaged Heavy Oil Residue42x  Heavy Oil Residue30.0/min
2x  Empty Canister30.0/min
2x  Packaged Heavy Oil Residue30/min
Packaged Liquid Biofuel32x  Liquid Biofuel40.0/min
2x  Empty Canister40.0/min
2x  Packaged Liquid Biofuel40/min
Packaged Nitric Acid21x  Nitric Acid30.0/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank30.0/min
1x  Packaged Nitric Acid30/min
Packaged Nitrogen Gas14x  Nitrogen Gas240.0/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank60.0/min
1x  Packaged Nitrogen Gas60/min
Packaged Oil42x  Crude Oil30.0/min
2x  Empty Canister30.0/min
2x  Packaged Oil30/min
Packaged Sulfuric Acid32x  Sulfuric Acid40.0/min
2x  Empty Canister40.0/min
2x  Packaged Sulfuric Acid40/min
Packaged Turbofuel62x  Turbofuel20.0/min
2x  Empty Canister20.0/min
2x  Packaged Turbofuel20/min
Packaged Water22x  Water60.0/min
2x  Empty Canister60.0/min
2x  Packaged Water60/min
Unpackage Alumina Solution12x  Packaged Alumina Solution120.0/min
2x  Alumina Solution120/min
2x  Empty Canister120/min
Unpackage Fuel22x  Packaged Fuel60.0/min
2x  Fuel60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Heavy Oil Residue62x  Packaged Heavy Oil Residue20.0/min
2x  Heavy Oil Residue20/min
2x  Empty Canister20/min
Unpackage Liquid Biofuel22x  Packaged Liquid Biofuel60.0/min
2x  Liquid Biofuel60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Nitric Acid31x  Packaged Nitric Acid20.0/min
1x  Nitric Acid20/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank20/min
Unpackage Nitrogen Gas11x  Packaged Nitrogen Gas60.0/min
4x  Nitrogen Gas240/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank60/min
Unpackage Oil22x  Packaged Oil60.0/min
2x  Crude Oil60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Sulfuric Acid11x  Packaged Sulfuric Acid60.0/min
1x  Sulfuric Acid60/min
1x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Turbofuel62x  Packaged Turbofuel20.0/min
2x  Turbofuel20/min
2x  Empty Canister20/min
Unpackage Water12x  Packaged Water120.0/min
2x  Water120/min
2x  Empty Canister120/min

Head lift[edit | edit source]

Main article: Head lift

The Packager has a recommended head lift of 10 meters, measured from the center of its pipe outlet.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "PAC-IT MK1" is written on the machine, suggesting that higher marks would be available, has been denied.[1]

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