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Particle Accelerator
Particle Accelerator.png
The FICSIT Particle Accelerator uses electromagnetic fields to propel particles to very high speeds and energies. The specific design allows for a variety of processes, such as matter generation and conversion.
Warning: Power usage is extremely high, unstable, and varies per recipe.
Unlocked at Tier 8 - Particle Enrichment
Category Production
Subcategory Manufacturers
Power Usage 250-1500 MW
Overclockable Yes
  • 1 Pipeline
  • 2 Conveyor
  • 1 Conveyor
Dimensions (Area 912 m2)
Width 24 m
Length 38 m
Height 32 m
Required items
Radio Control Unit.png
Electromagnetic Control Rod.png
Cooling System.png
Fused Modular Frame.png
Turbo Motor.png

The Particle Accelerator is a building used to craft advanced late-game recipes. Unlike other production buildings, its power consumption fluctuates and varies per selected recipe. The least power is consumed at the beginning of a crafting cycle, and it increases to the maximum throughout the duration of the crafting cycle.


Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
alt Instant Plutonium Cell120150x  Non-fissile Uranium75/min
20x  Aluminum Casing10/min
20x  Encased Plutonium Cell10/min
Nuclear Pasta120200x  Copper Powder100/min
1x  Pressure Conversion Cube0.5/min
1x  Nuclear Pasta0.5/min
Plutonium Pellet60100x  Non-fissile Uranium100/min
25x  Uranium Waste25/min
30x  Plutonium Pellet30/min

Power consumption[]

Recipe Starting consumption Peak consumption Average consumption Cycle duration
alt Instant Plutonium Cell 250 MW 500 MW 375 MW 120 s
Nuclear Pasta 500 MW 1500 MW 1000 MW 120 s
Plutonium Pellet 250 MW 750 MW 500 MW 60 s


Main article: Clock speed

The Particle Accelerator can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Particle Accelerator at the cost of greatly increased power demand proportional to output.


  • Given the massive power consumption of the Particle Accelerator, it is highly advisable to build more of them and underclock each, if there is enough space and materials to do so. For example, building twice as many and underclocking all to 50% reduces total power consumption by roughly 33%, as well as allowing them to run at different intervals.
  • As the collision box of the building is a solid cuboid, most other buildings cannot be built through the empty spaces of it, except Railways and similar.




  • Patch Made officially available, renamed from Hadron Collider