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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.1.12 – Build 99303. This patch was released on May 17, 2019.

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Hello Pioneers!

We’ve got a small patch incoming with some fixes to the Early Access build. Thanks again to all of you who helped getting this release stable by playing on the Experimental build and reporting bugs and issues to us. For now, the Experimental build won’t be updated until we have new content to test, so the Early Access build will remain the latest version of the game until then.

If you find any more bugs or you want to share your feedback on the new features (or previous features) or you have suggestions on what you’d like to see in Satisfactory in the future, go to as usual and let us know there. Do so either by up-voting other posts of people that share your thoughts or by putting up your own posts!

Bug fixes[]

  • Players now get removed from the compass and map when they disconnect from the game
  • Fixed the 8x2 Ramp mesh so they don’t miss their bottom side anymore
  • Fixed the Explorer and Nobelisk sound bugs
  • Players can now build Conveyor Belts between very tightly built Inputs and Outputs
  • Fixed a crash related to garbage collection
  • Fixed a crash related to mixing different Fuel types on the same Generator
  • Players get the item pick-up notification again after they have used a Vehicle