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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.1.15 – Build 100979. This patch was released on June 20, 2019.

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Hey Pioneers!

Here are some fixes to the Experimental that should make it more stable! Now we also have the ADA voice lines in for Tier 7, we made some of the Conveyor Belts faster and items that you drag in the inventory are being anchored to the top left corner again instead of the middle.

We’re heading into an early weekend for Midsommar here in Sweden, so more updates will come next week. Let’s see if we fixed more bugs with this patch than we introduced. :D

Have a wonderful weekend and keep the bug reports and feedback coming! It helps a great deal. <3

New content[]


  • Changed several Conveyor Belt speeds:
    • Mk.4 450 to 480 items per minute
    • Mk.5 660 to 780 items per minute

Quality of Life[]

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed the Filter crashes
  • Changing the Network Quality setting now requires a reload of the save or returning to the main menu before taking effect (this is to mitigate some issues and crashes related to changing Network Quality runtime)
  • Fixed a bug with visual compensation on Conveyor Belt
  • Fixed a fall damage crash
  • Fixed the item duping bug related to Storages
  • Made sure all dismantle refunds are shown for clients when dismantling
  • Potentially fixed the take damage crash
  • Fixed the inventory notifications getting stuck on screen when picking up items
  • Fixed the collision of the Willow Tree
  • Adjusted the Conveyor Lift building clearance to build downwards more easily
  • Changed Sending/Receiving in Truck Stations back to Unloading/Loading for clarity
  • Fixed the collision setting on Spore Flowers so they no longer block interactions ad projectiles in their radius (or anything else for that matter)
  • Potentially fixed the Nobelisk Detonator crash
  • Removed some cubes that invaded the level. First sign of intelligent alien life? Nah, just a bug.
  • Fixed a crash related to Fuel Generators
  • Fixed a crash related to firing ammunition
  • Fixed a crash in the Replication Graph
  • Fixed generator fuel not showing up on client
  • Fixed Vehicle Inventories not being replicated to the client
  • Space Elevator now locks after the Tier 7&8 unlock


  • Inventory slots now anchor to the top left again when dragged. Sometimes you try stuff and it just doesn’t work out like you think it would.


  • Post processing and fog pass over the Swamp
  • Post processing and fog pass over the Bamboo Fields
  • Post processing and fog pass over the Red Jungle
  • Made some Red Jungle terrain tweaks
  • Overhauled part of the visuals in Bamboo Fields some more
  • Did a gameplay pass for the Red Jungle



  • Optimised the green “Snakelegs” Tree (primarily used in the northern parts of Grass Fields)
  • Reverted a draw call optimisation we tried out, since it resulted in reduced FPS in factories
  • Implemented some minor ways of offloading initial client load times