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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.1.7 – Build 98611. This patch was released on May 7, 2019.

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Hi Pioneers!

Another small patch to the Experimental, mainly to fix the crashes some of you experiencing when loading saves. A few other fixes and changes have made it in as well, you can find them in the notes below.


  • Adjusted the Alternate Recipe for Compacted Coal
    • Old: 2 Coal + 2 Sulphur
    • New: 3 Coal + 3 Sulphur
  • Adjusted the Alternate Recipe for Turbo Fuel
    • Old: 5 Fuel + 2 Compacted Coal
    • New: 5 Fuel + 4 Compacted Coal

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed on load crashes related to excluded researches
  • Automatic Health regeneration up to 3 pellets works again
  • Fixed not being able to build Conveyor Lifts downward onto Foundations
  • Fixed the Stackable Conveyor Pole not aligning with other Conveyor Connections
  • Unpossessed Player Characters that are killed or already dead now spawn Death Crates



  • Disabled ladders ticking on start-up