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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.2.1.10 – Build 102839. This patch was released on August 6, 2019.

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Hey Pioneers!

The latest Experimental updates are going live today! With this localisation for Greek, Finnish, Dutch and Korean should now be fully functional on Early Access and we optimised the game a bunch which should give you all a bit more FPS.

Several bugs have been fixed as well, including ones that locked up Mergers and Splitters specifically on lower frame rates. As part of this fix all Splitters and Mergers now have a small inventory (it won’t be visible in the UI), so they will all fill up across your factories which can result in all your currently backed up production facilities starting up at once. On larger save files this can mean a drop in FPS on the first startup with this new version (which should go away after a short time) and potential power outages if your power production doesn’t support all those machines starting up at the same time.

Hope you all enjoy these fixes! If you find any new bugs, please report them to us as usual.

PS: On the topic of Trains, we are of course aware of the problems and are currently working on solving some bugs. Soon we’ll be properly back from vacation and fixes on the Trains will be rolling out.

Bug fixes[]

  • Korean, Greek, Finnish and Dutch languages should now work properly when selected
  • Ensured that Power Slugs don’t lose their colour on distance (should be more easily distinguishable now)
  • Fixed a small name input bug on the Train Stations
  • Likely fixed some Conveyor Belt crashes and added some debug code for confirmation
  • Fixed inconsistent ingame descriptions of Foundations
  • Fixed that Buildings could be built floating in some locations on the map
  • Buildings should no longer get “Floor is too steep” when it isn’t
  • Fixed 8x1 Ramp & Foundation disappearing from the Hotbar
  • Made some adjustments to Splitter/Merger functionality that should fix throughput speed and locking bugs on them
  • Smart/Programmable Splitters should now use more than one output when there are multiple outputs with a matching rule (this does not deal with the overflow issue when belts are backed up)
  • Fixed that map filters don’t block the map when hidden
  • Foundry should not block buildings being built next to it anymore
  • Color Gun settings will now stay persistent on saving and loading
  • Fixed some issues with too large tree collisions
  • Fixed some minor visual bugs in the Hub UI, Craftbench Menu & To-Do List


  • Added the ability to set view distance for Beacons on the Compass in the Map



  • Smaller fixes and tweaks on foliage assets (Bamboo, Kapok Tree, etc.)
  • Removed some unnecessary small critters from world


  • LOD (Level of Detail) optimisations
  • Optimised the Building Hologram and Dismantle material
  • Optimised the Conveyor Lifts
  • Some experimental optimisation. Mysterious.