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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.2.1.13 – Build 105818. This patch was released on September 25, 2019.

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Hey Pioneers!

Here we go. A bunch of Train fixes & improvements are live on Experimental now! BUT WAIT, there is an important thing we have to talk about first: Backup your saves, because we are messing with them.

Cloud Saves are a thing now, but for those to work we have to compress and move your save files. You can read all about it on our blog and/or watch the video we made on the topic:

We are about as certain as we can be that your files won’t get lost. But we mess up all the time, so.... Backing them up is the certain way of making sure you lose none of your progress. Seriously, do it.

Now let’s talk about the rest of the patch. The Train fixes should make them more performant and eliminate a whole bunch of bugs. Yes, also the switch bug that creates ghost cars running around your tracks. While this is the best version of trains so far, there are many more things we want to improve on in the future. For now, we’ll be working on other things but we are certainly coming back to Trains later down the road.

The AI of the Trains that you have already built will be turned off. You can turn them back on in the stations or in the Trains themselves.

We also added a Mass Dismantle feature we’d like you all to try out. This should help you with refactoring all those gigantic factories!

Hope you’ll have a great time with these fixes and the game until the new content will hit this December!

Save system[]

  • Save files will now be compressed
  • Old saves will be migrated over to new save folder structure

Train changes[]

  • Feature, you can have the AI enabled while being inside the train.
  • Tweak, self driving calculations improved for better brake prediction; this shortens the brake distances and fixes some problems going uphill or downhill.
  • Optimization, self driving logic is rewritten in c++.
  • Optimization, sound no longer plays when the train is not close to a player.
  • Crashfix, orphaned switch controls sometimes caused crashes.
  • Crashfix, game crashes when dismantling a track in the AI's path.
  • Bugfix, only one AI per train; fixes the edge case where 2 AI's would try to drive the same train.
  • Bugfix, trains sometimes run too fast and miss the station. This made them unreliable; now the AI brakes better and the station catches the train.
  • Bugfix, if a train is split in half at a switch the train is repositioned back together (this is a temporary fix until we can get proper train collision and signalling in).
  • Bugfix, fixed case where player character could get destroyed while driving a train near water.
  • Bugfix, cannot use build gun after being inside a train near water.
  • Bugfix, trains now save their velocity so they keep moving when loaded.
  • Bugfix, integrated track of the station does not cost anything now.

Other bug fixes[]

  • Fixed issue with biomass burner not rendering at times
  • Client side issue with inventory not updating for miners
  • Fixed issue with Splitters/Mergers not snapping properly to foundations when using guidelines

Quality of Life[]

  • Mass dismantle. Hold left-ctrl while aiming to mark objects to dismantle.


  • Updated the localisation files for all languages