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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.2.1.17 – Build 106504. This patch was released on October 3, 2019.

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Hi Pioneers!

Is this the smallest patch we ever released? We’ve got exactly two things for you in this tiny update to Experimental: Last patch we fixed that entering a Train doesn’t autorelease the brakes (which caused some issues) and instead the brake needed to be manually released by pressing space. That caused some confusion, so we added a feature that when you get into the Train and try to move forwards or backwards (W or S in the standard case) the brakes are automatically released.

We also noticed that more people are starting to get the uObject crash, which happens when there are too many objects in the game. This can be the case in exceedingly large factories and is something we are optimising the game for.

In this patch we are pushing an optimisation for this case that we want to try, which should reduce the amount of uObjects significantly. This still means that, if you play long enough and build enough structures, you might hit the limit again.

We are always continuing to work on optimising this and many other aspects of the game, so if you run into issues like this they will improve as we develop the game further. Do continue to give us feedback on any problems you encounter, it is very helpful.

Cheers <3


  • Trains now auto release the brake if you jump in and apply throttle (W or S).


  • Reduced the amount of uObjects per buildable.

Known bugs[]

  • Disabling the AI from within the train sometimes causes the train to not be driveable until you re-enter the train.
  • Turning off the AI can still cause train to run away, related to the above.
  • When dismantling part of a train, the time table might get cleared.
  • Stations can be snapped to another station even if that has a track connected.