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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.2.1.5 – Build 102385. This patch was released on July 22, 2019.

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Hi Pioneers!

Second time's the charm, right? Today we are pushing all the changes that we rolled back last week, plus fixes for critical bugs and some additional small changes. Biggest changes are still that players will be unable to play together on different versions of the game and the overhaul of the Red Jungle. Biggest new change is the addition of some basic filtering options for the Map and Compass, which can both be accessed via the Map.

Hope you enjoy the patch!

Bug fixes[]

  • Finished researches in the MAM should show up on the bottom of the list now
  • Fixed the “Insert Schematic Name Here” bug
  • Added a version check on joining invites and ensured that network connections with
  • different game versions generally fail and give an error message
  • Fixed typos in the Nuclear Waste trash message
  • Destructible boulders should no longer reappear (that took us a while to find)
  • Fixed the multiplayer crash because of which we rolled back the last patch. Whoopsie.
  • Selected researches in the MAM should show the correct information again


  • Some updates to the Power Graphs (such as thicker lines and the ability to focus on a single line)
  • Added a setting to adjust the auto save interval in the options menu
  • Changed the inventory tab in vehicles to be open by default
  • Removed Foundations from the Organisation category, since they have their own
  • Updated train related icons
  • Added item categories for the Craftbench
  • Added some flair to the search bars and a clear button to quickly clear the results
  • The search bar in the Build Menu is now always visible and pressing space bar gives focus to it
  • Added functionality to sort inventory by the item categories
  • Added Train Stations and Truck Stations to the Map
  • Implemented our own progress bar for the Nobelisk Detonator instead of the standard UE4 one. Whoopsie.
  • Added base functionality for filtering the Map and Compass (still work in progress
  • Added a turbine to Miner UI for some pizzazz


  • Updated LODs for the Train Station and Platforms
  • Updated the Miner Mk.3 visuals
  • Updated the Nuclear Power Plant visuals


  • Overhauled the Red Jungle. This could result in some buildings, train tracks and conveyor belts being inside of cliffs if you have built there.
  • Added some caves to the Swamp


  • Added LODs to the Power Slugs