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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.2.1.6 – Build 102556. This patch was released on July 26, 2019.

The original post can be viewed on Satisfactory's Discord and Reddit.


Hi Pioneers!

Here we go, another update with some optimisation tests, crash and bug fixes and updated translations. For this build we will need some more testing, so we are putting it on Experimental over the weekend. As usual, be careful when you try it out and back up your save files. Next week we’ll be spending some time fixing up whatever issues arise and will push it to Early Access as soon as those are dealt with.

Let us know what breaks and hope you have fun with the update! <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Research time in the MAM should display correctly again
  • Researched resource mesh should be displayed in the MAM again
  • Fixed players respawning under the world after rebuilding the Hub
  • Right-clicking in Build Mode or the Build Menu will close it again
  • Earlier we broke the placement of factory legs, so we fixed that legs of newly built buildings will not break when reloading and consequently had to reset all built legs (looks fine on Foundations but legs built on terrain will not be traced to the ground).
  • Storages stacked on other Storages don’t have legs anymore
  • Arabic and Korean text support should work again
  • Added some measures to prevent a rare “Floor is too steep” error when building the Constructor
  • Fixed the assert !World->bInTick() crash
  • MAM menu should now always update correctly and have no duplicate entries from picking up items (Quartz, Nuts, Slugs etc.) ​


  • Setting the autosave value to zero now displays as “Off”
  • Break suggestion pop-up is now a notification that doesn’t need to be dismissed
  • Added an option to disable the break suggestion notification
  • Hovering over the Continue button in the Main Menu now shows latest save and session name ​


  • Added the 8x1 Ramp ​


  • Better foliage culling in the Blue Crater ​


  • Optimised items on Belts and Lifts a bit
  • Small memory optimisation
  • Testing a different culling system to see performance impact ​


  • Updated the translation files