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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.0.1 – Build 114399. This patch was released on February 13, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

The first hotfix for update 3 is out now. In this one we are addressing several crashes, most notably one that occurs for some older saves on start-up and is related to the new Project Assembly Parts. Overclocking in the MAM now has the cost it should have (which is NOT 20 Power Shards. Whoopsie), and some other wrong recipes have been fixed as well.

We also fixed the issue that Water Extractors stopped producing when loading and that sometimes recipes have to be reset in the machines on load. The Water Extractors that have stopped functioning will likely have to be rebuilt.

Thanks for all the issue reports, we are churning through them steadily and many more fixes are on their way.

Hope you all are enjoying the update so far!

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed a crash on load related to new space elevator parts that happens on older saves
  • Pipeline description now states the correct maximum throughput
  • Flower Petal research 3 now actually gives the Color Cartridge recipe
  • Overclocking research now has the correct cost
  • Crash fixed, Rifle Cartridges are now correctly produced in the Manufacturer
  • Turbo Fuel recipes number is fixed up and it now produces liquids properly. Unpackaging is now also unlocked with the alternate recipes
  • Alternate recipe fix: Infused Uranium Cell requires Uranium Pellet now
  • Fixed Workshop/Workbench having a mismatched number of hammer steps
  • Fixed a bunch of water volumes on the map causing the Water Extractor to stop outputting. Affected Water Extractors will have to be rebuilt
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when feeding the Coal Generator with alternative fuels like Compacted Coal
  • Fixed so machines do not stop outputting when reloading a save