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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.1.0 – Build 114985. This patch was released on February 18, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

After the hotfixes from last week, here is the first bigger update with fixes and improvements to Update 3. This includes several quality of life features we hope you will be excited about, some balancing changes outside of recipes (your factories are safe for the moment), a little bit of polish, and a whole lot of bug fixes. Check out the full list of changes below.

Your posts and feedback on the new questions site have been very helpful, thank you very much! The new site has more features to help us react to posts and update them as we fix stuff, so if you haven’t checked it out yet consider giving it a go.

It has been super exciting to see so many of you enjoy Update 3, so I hope you’ll like the content of this patch as well! Thank you all for playing.

Quality of Life[]

  • Pipe attachments such as Pipeline Pumps and Junctions can now be placed on Walls and Foundations
  • Splitters and Mergers now snap onto Conveyor end points and directly onto Conveyor Poles as well
  • While in Dismantle or Build mode you can now switch to any placed Factory Building by hovering over it and pressing the middle mouse button
  • Miners and Power Poles can now be upgraded the same way as Conveyor Belts
  • Added text on the plaques for the three levels of pioneering statues
  • Tweaked air control and collision on the Factory Cart
  • Added some custom slurping sounds for the Coffee Cup


  • Consumable items now require the animation to finish before applying their healing. (And they finally play their animation if you only have one of them equipped)
  • Fall damage is a bit more linear now
  • Balanced the foliage drop amounts for all Dune Desert oasis foliage
  • Wall Power Pole costs have been tweaked
  • Fluid Freight Platforms and Fluid Freight Cars can now handle 500m3 of fluid instead of 50m3


  • AWESOME Shop now immediately switches to the Purchases tab if something is purchased that will show up there, such as parts or the Coffee Cup
  • Changed the text on “Send feedback” button in the escape menu to “Go to feedback site”
  • Craft Bench categories now properly remember if they are collapsed or not
  • Added a hover over effect to the Inventory trash slot when dropping parts there
  • Some AWESOME Shop UI polish (colour tweaking, small fixes)
  • Added a m3/min stat on Fuel Generators to make the consumption rate more understandable
  • Tweaks to the Alternate Recipe selection in the MAM
  • Updated the in-game map so it contains the changes to the Dune Desert


  • Updated all localisation files with the latest translations


  • Updated VFX for the Smelter and Coal Generator
  • Tweaks and polish for several older resources and parts
  • Polished some of the wall textures
  • Liquid Fuel colour was changed to orange due to popular demand
  • Smoke on factory buildings now doesn’t go through objects anymore on VFX quality settings Medium to Ultra (doesn’t work yet on the Nuclear Power Plant and Refinery)
  • Changed the names of some alternate recipes
    • Biomass Coal to Biocoal
    • Wood Coal to Charcoal


  • Tweaked some foliage assets in the western oasis in Dune Desert
  • Adjusted a few faulty resource nodes in the Dune Desert (not high enough hitbox, hidden in a cliff or that wasn’t removed from an earlier iteration of the Dune Desert)
  • Fixed some dunes players could fall through
  • Kapok Trees in the western oasis in Dune Desert now drop Wood

Bug fixes[]

  • The 30 new alternate recipes we added to the game can now actually be unlocked through Hard Drives. Big whoopsie.
  • Drop Ship on the HUB should no longer be missing
  • Several rarer crashes have been fixed
  • The Cybertruck can now be fuelled normally
  • Removed the grey cube from Grass Fields
  • Nuclear Generators now actually require water. Whoopsie.
  • The AWESOME Shop now displays the correct category on opening
  • The Overclocking target should now take the purity of extractors into consideration
  • Big inventory slots don’t significantly change window sizes anymore
  • Factory Cart now has correct interaction text
  • Fixed z-fighting on the factory legs placed with buildings
  • Fixed z-fighting on the Foundry
  • Made sure the hitbox for the Inventory trash slot is correct
  • Added several missing water volumes to the level
  • Quick fix for Chainsaw audio issues
  • “Mark all as read” in Codex should now work on tutorial messages as well
  • Fixed a typo in Pipeline Pumps UI
  • Pipes and Hyper Tubes no longer give double refunds when dismantling
  • Turbo Motor now has the correct mesh
  • Fixed Oil Refinery position
  • Factory Cart can no longer be picked up when it is being driven
  • Fixed a crash on load (and sometimes potentially during game) related to the Object Scanner
  • The Space Elevator should show the correct values in cost slots now
  • AWESOME Sink should no longer stop working
  • It is no longer possible to split stacks in the Coal Generator which results in half the stack disappearing
  • Reduced the aggressiveness of creature spawning so they don’t spawn in factories anymore
  • AWESOME Sink should no longer display negative stats
  • The MAM is now properly removed from the HUB instead of just hidden
  • Chainsaw now consumes fuel on client
  • Fixed a FOV issue on the Factory Cart while being held as an equipment
  • Repositioned the Ladder on the Assembler to the correct position
  • Camera position in the Factory Cart no longer follows when the Cart flips
  • The Factory Cart now returns its inventory on Dismantle
  • Fixed some landscape issues where the player could get stuck
  • Added a temporary fix for infinite loops in pressure propagation