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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.2.0 – Build 115661. This patch was released on February 25, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

We’ve got another patch out with a bunch of smaller and bigger fixes and changes on Experimental.

We made the Stackable Poles for Conveyors and Pipelines work with each other as well, but that meant we had to do a visual adjustment to the Stackable Pipeline Support, which are now placed in a different position. This will not functionally break your existing pipe networks, but they might look a bit off where you’ve used the Stackable Supports.

The creature respawning has also been adjusted again to be more forgiving, so creatures don’t respawn where your factory is at work. One disclaimer here, enemies will not just disappear from where they spawned without you having to clear them out first. If it is in a factory area, they should no longer respawn afterwards. And the flying enemies should no longer multiply like crazy.

Hope you enjoy this patch! <3

Quality of Life[]

  • Different stackable poles can now be stacked with each other


  • Adjusted the Petal gain for foliage in the Dune Desert
  • Adjusted the speed of the Factory Cart to be slightly faster than the Blade Runners
  • Factory Cart now has a crafting time of 10
  • Minor switch in the Alien Organisms research tree, the second research now consistently unlocks Biomass recipes
  • Additional tweaks to the creature respawn system to be more forgiving


  • Tweaked some resource meshes
  • Renamed Liquid Freight Platform to Fluid Freight Platform
  • Polished some Wall, Doorway and Conveyor meshes
  • Added Hyper Tube Wall Support and Wall Attachment
  • Added new Curved Ramp & Quarter Pipe corner pieces
  • Added Inverted Ramp Corners and Double Ramps in all sizes
  • Updated several factory building VFX
  • Improved the accuracy and feel of placing Water Extractors and reduced the potential for placing them into terrain
  • Tweaked sounds on the Factory Cart


  • Fluid Freight Platforms and Freight Cars now have proper fluid UI
  • Generators now display a warning if they can’t run due to a lack of Water
  • Added icon for Geysers


  • Replaced dead tree trunks around the world with new meshes
  • Tweaked moss textures
  • Updated and optimized the Geyser idle and burst VFX
  • Patched up some holes in canyon cliffs
  • Added some more missing water volumes
  • Switched out all Limestone resource nodes with new meshes
  • Quartz resource deposits now have their own mesh and material
  • Tweaks to the LODs, materials and textures of boulders, pebbles and rubble

Bug fixes[]

  • Water Extractors should no longer be disconnected from water on load when the water volume has been replaced
  • HUB sub-buildings (like the integrated Biomass Burners) can no longer be dismantled
  • The Drop Ship in the HUB should show up for everyone now
  • Oil nodes show purity again
  • Fixed some floating Gas Pillars
  • Poisonous Gas around the Pillars should now be visible again
  • Northern Forest is now spelled correctly in the New Game menu
  • Languages can be changed without issues again
  • New items in Inventory notifications should not show anymore when moving resources around in the Inventory
  • Potentially fixed a crash related to multiplayer
  • Fixed some more Chainsaw audio bugs
  • Fixed some minor aliasing issues on compass icons
  • Flying Crabs should no longer respawn drastically
  • The Resource Scanning & pick-up animations are now visible with new equipment
  • Clients can now open Crash Sites that require power
  • Crash Sites that require power now say MW instead of MWh
  • Fixed an infinite looping case in Pipelines which would cause the game to freeze
  • Potentially fixed a crash related to Conveyor attachment holograms
  • Player character no longer automatically walks when clicking the search bar in the build menu while walking
  • Portable Miners now only work on solid resources
  • When travelling in Hyper Tubes the player character should no longer be affected by water and the bounce effect of the Space Giraffe-Tick-Penguin-Whale Thing
  • Hyper Tubes no longer prompt an interaction text
  • Parts that only exist in recipes as a byproduct show up in the Codex now
  • It is no longer possible to build Splitters/Mergers in the vast expanse of space by aiming into the air
  • Splitters/Mergers will no longer return a valid aim location on invalid aim locations
  • Fixed crash when placing Splitters/Mergers