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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.2.1 – Build 115821. This patch was released on February 26, 2020.

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Yesterday’s patch broke a bunch of things, so here is a hotfix to address some of the issues while we look at the others.

The falling through the world seems to have been caused when a corrupted world tile was loaded, which means it affected a large part of the map. We fixed that world tile and couldn’t reproduce the bug anymore. If you do still fall through the world at any part of the map, please report it on the questions site with a screenshot so we can investigate further.

We are currently looking into the decrease in performance and identified some issues that we are working on now. Hopefully we can push another hotfix for this issue soon. The respawning of enemies is being investigated further as well; we are currently looking into saves in which people encounter respawning within their factories to identify what exactly is happening before we start making additional changes.

There are some additional fixes in this version, like a fix for the reduced Conveyor Belt length and some crash fixes that you can check out in the patch notes.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed that players could fall through the world in the southern parts of the map (Grass Fields, Dune Forests, Bamboo Fields, Red Jungle, Southern Forest)
  • The Hub can now be dismantled without crashing if its sub buildings have been dismantled separately (rebuilding the Hub will recreate the sub-buildings)
  • Client should no longer crash when placing a Portable Miner
  • The maximum Conveyor length should be back to normal
  • Water Extractors should now actually no longer be upgradable to Geo Thermal Generators
  • Resource Deposits now have the correct materials again (Iron, Copper, Caterium etc. no longer look like Bauxite)
  • Hard Drives have the correct research time again instead of being instantaneous
  • Players can no longer duplicate equipment stacks if their inventory is full
  • Fixed a dismantle material issue for Conveyor Belts