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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.3.0 – Build 116442. This patch was released on March 4, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

We just released another update with bug fixes, crash fixes, small content changes and a little more polish. Check out the patch notes for more details.

One change worth mentioning here is that we reworked how many points resources give in the AWESOME Sink. With our previous calculations the point amounts could escalate extremely with items of very high complexity, like the Turbo Motor. Such resources will still give a lot of points, but not as many as before.

Hope you enjoy these fixes and keep sending us feedback and bugs on the questions site! <3


  • Rebalanced the amount of points parts give in the AWESOME Sink


  • Polished Dune Desert lighting
  • Some polish in the Northern Oasis of the Dune Desert
  • Tweaked & polished some caves in the Dune Desert
  • Added more creatures & rewards to the northern part of the Dune Desert and the Dune Desert wall
  • Traversal and jump puzzle tweaks in the Dune Desert



  • Changed the main menu scene
  • Updated the look of the “Add to To-Do List” menu
  • Added “Add to To-Do List” functionality to the Codex
  • Minor tweak to the Geothermal Generator menu
  • Codex now standardly opens the recipe tab instead of the messages tab
  • When opening the Codex the search bar now has focus to make finding recipes faster
  • Updated and optimized VFX for the scan effect on resource nodes

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed a crash on load when a Miner is placed on a removed resource node
  • Fixed a crash when upgrading a Miner built on a removed resource node
  • Mass dismantling the Hub should no longer crash the game
  • Production time tooltip should now display correctly on Generators, Manufacturers & Extractors
  • Power Shards can now properly be inserted in Generators, Extractors and Production buildings via shift click
  • Conveyor Belts the length of half a segment or less can no longer be built to prevent bugs
  • Fixed a looping sound issue with the Jetpack when switching items in air
  • Added a fail-safe to limit the Somersloop / Mercer Sphere voice lines from triggering too often
  • Ctrl click in the Hub should now move all items of one type
  • Fixed some landscape issues in the Dune Desert
  • The fluid display in the Water Extractor and Oil Extractor now show the correct amount
  • In the Fluid Buffer, Station and Extractor UI it now refers to the correct building under “Current amount in [Building]” instead of “Current amount in Pipe”
  • Number of items in a Power Shard slot should now show correctly when filling all of them via Ctrl click
  • The Craft bench can no longer be dismantled when occupied
  • Fixed that some options were excluded from translations
  • The Hub interior should have the correct materials again
  • Geothermal Generators should be buildable on geysers again
  • Hard Drives have a mesh again when put into the world or analyzed in the MAM