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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.3.4 – Build 117657. This patch was released on March 18, 2020. On March 20, 2020, the patch was pushed to the stable Early Access branch with no changes, retaining the build number.

The original post can be viewed on Satisfactory's Discord and Reddit.

Stable branch push[]

Hey Pioneers!

The version has (Build 117657) that we pushed to Experimental this Tuesday has now been set live on Early Access. No additional changes have been made, so you can check out the previous patch notes just above this post for more information.

Hope you all have a great weekend and some good fun with Satisfactory!


Hi Pioneers!

We are pushing a few more bug fixes to Experimental that we want to try out before they make their way to Early Access. These are mostly addressing small issues and fix some more rare crashes that still occur. Check out the list below for the specifics.

Hope you all are taking good care of yourself and each other. Best wishes from Sweden <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Fuel Generators should no longer glow
  • Unpackaging Heavy Oil Residue now gives back the right amount of Canisters
  • Fixed all the floating Bacon Agaric Mushrooms in the Lake Forest
  • The game should no longer crashed when putting used Equipment in the AWESOME Sink
  • Crash fixed when connecting a new power pole to a circuit that have mismatching IDs in it. The system now handles mismatching IDs more gracefully, this was most likely caused by buildings being removed using a save game editor
  • Fixed some minor main menu issues and added the sound
  • The game should no longer crash when it is manually saved exactly at the same time than the autosave