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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.4.13 – Build 123437. This patch was released on May 29, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

We are doing another patch before the weekend. It includes a bunch of smaller bug fixes, and a few UI tweaks regarding the autosave notifications, multiplayer joining and information on your friend lists. Check out all the details below!

The Train Platforms also got some small details added to them. To clarify, the platform is indeed larger than before. When reworking them, we made sure to make them as modular as possible to enable more creative setups in the future. Part of that was to make them exactly four foundations wide so they fit in snugly with foundations.

Generally, we try not to adjust the size of buildings during reworks, but we will make exceptions when it clearly improves their use and fits their purpose in the game.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend <3



  • Added an option to disable autosave notifications
  • Added a setting to show autosave notifications for client players, host or both
  • Added a pop up to notify offline players that they are not online when opening the join menu
  • Added a warning when copying the session ID from a private session, since private session cannot be joined
  • Improved the player status shown on the in-game friends list with more information (no longer just “Exploring, Building a factory, etc.”)

Bug fixes[]

  • Client players can no longer get unlimited hotbars when joining repeatedly
  • Client players no longer need to re-equip equipment on join for it to function
  • The autosave notification no longer gets stuck when changing autosave interval while the notification is visible
  • Chainsawing Berry/Nut Bushes now gives the Berries or Nuts and no longer displays “No Space for N/A”
  • Fixed a bug where creatures could lose track of the player when they jump too high, this was most noticeable when slide jumping and losing Lizard Doggos that follow the player
  • The Trains handbrake animation will no longer end up in a spamming loop
  • Conveyor Belts and Pipes no longer get odd shapes after dismantling an attachment such as a Merger
  • Build feedback for client players no longer states they have enough building resources when they don’t
  • Freight Platforms now do the partial load animation when applicable instead of triggering the wrong animation and clipping containers through each other
  • Conveyor Belts and Pipes now connect properly to the new Freight Platforms and no longer leave a gap when reconnecting
  • Reduced the collision on the Bailey Palm Tree so players can walk around it as expected
  • Fixed some visual glare issues on tree stems