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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.3.4.15 – Build 123924. This patch was released on June 4, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

We are pushing a patch, mainly to address the current issue that Extractors stop functioning in multiplayer. That should be resolved now. There are several other bug fixes and smaller UI tweaks included, that you can check out in the patch notes below.

We also updated the building clearance of the Empty Train Platform, so other buildables can be built in the empty space above it, and we updated all translation files again and included Hebrew translations and font support.

Hope you all have a good time with this patch and can enjoy multiplayer again <3


  • Updated the in-game Map with latest changes
  • Small tweaks to the Join Game menus player icons and information display
  • Restyled social media buttons in the Main menu
  • Grouped login and NAT type information together in the Main menu
  • MAM button now has text wrapping


  • Added Hebrew translations and font support
  • Updates all translation files


Bug fixes[]

  • Extractors should continue working as usual after a client player opens their menu
  • Sub-buildings (like the Train Track on Platforms or the Craft Bench in the Hub) should no longer rotate separately from the main building
  • Fixed some Uranium and SAM nodes that had the Iron material on them instead of their own
  • Newly built Tracks are no longer invisible for Client players, but they currently don’t show their build effect anymore
  • Fixed a memory leak and crash related to building Conveyor Belts, Pipes, Train Tracks & Hyper Tubes
  • Crash Sites in the Red Jungle now have rewards
  • Fuel Generators are fully paintable with the Color Gun again