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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.4.2 – Build 119805. This patch was released on April 17, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

This hotfix is addressing some of the more pressing issues on the Experimental version. It should fix two nasty multiplayer bugs that have been introduced in v0.3.4.0, crashing when a client joins and persisting visuals for dismantled buildings on client. There are some more fixes that you can check out in the patch notes below.

Next week we will likely have more fixes for you. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and thank you for playing! <3

PS: Yes, I forgot to add that Nuts & Berries should now regrow in the initial patch notes for Experimental. Whoopsie. There is currently a bug with the Nuts that will be fixed soon.

New feature[]

  • Beryl Nuts and Paleberries regrow (since v0.3.4.0)

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed the World->bInTick crash that could occur when a client joins a game
  • Building visuals should no longer persist for client players after dismantling
  • Smart & Programmable Splitters should no longer back up on duplicate rule definitions
  • On screen sparks when building should be less extreme now
  • Resources on the Conveyor Belts should no longer move erratically (there are still smaller visual issues that can occur, but are related to a different problem)
  • Fixed some skybox bugs, but we had to remove some of the cloudiness for the moment
  • Removed Pipeline LODs until they’ve been properly fixed