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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.4.8 – Build 121639. This patch was released on May 7, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

We’ve got a patch coming in resolving some issues for multiplayer. Most importantly, it includes some improvements on host performance when clients are in the game, which should take care of the FPS drops that can occur, and when loading a game you should now spawn consistently in your own character again.

Keep in mind that an issue that persists is that when loading a save from within the game it is started as an offline session, which means you will still spawn in a new character. To avoid this, load saves from the main menu for the time being.

Now the session ID can be edited and there are checks in place to ensure session IDs are unique and the game should no longer crash for clients when they join a session shortly after it has been started. This can introduce some waiting times that we are aiming to reduce soon.

For the few remaining fixes, check out the patch notes below.

Cheers <3


  • We reintroduced some network and replication graph optimizations and added some new ones that should overall improve host performance in multiplayer


  • Can now change online session ID in the session settings
  • Sessions starting up will now check to make sure their ID is unique and change it if necessary

Bug fixes[]

  • Players should now spawn consistently in their own characters again
  • Potentially fixed a crash that occurred when clients join a game too quickly (this might introduce some period of waiting time before joining is possible)
  • Fixed a rare crash related to loading train tracks
  • Parachute should be usable for clients now