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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.4.9 – Build 121997. This patch was released on May 13, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

Another update is coming to Experimental. In this one we’ve packed a bunch of client fixes, some more UI improvements, and other fixes for crashes and bugs you can find in the patch notes below.

We also largely reverted to the old resource meshes. While the new ones improved the readability, they didn’t incorporate what was working well with the old resource meshes. When we change something in the game, the outcome should generally be better than what we had before and that wasn’t the case. The old resource icons did get a little bit of polish, so that they are still more distinguishable in this version. We will look at the resource meshes again in the future and see if they still need some more work.

Thank you all for the feedback and I hope you have a wonderful day <3


  • Switched back to old resource meshes (except for Limestone) and improved icon readability of the old meshes


  • Added some basic feedback for the Building Sampler / Eyedropper tool
  • Added a keybinding hint for Mass Dismantle in the Dismantle Mode
  • Updated the look for the Join Session by ID UI in the main menu


  • Added some pick-up SFX and VFX for foliage that was missing it

Bug fixes[]

  • Power Liness should be easier to dismantle again
  • Fixed a crash related to the replication graph
  • Client players can now properly interact with Lizard Doggo inventories
  • Client players can now see Gas Mask filter consumption
  • Client players can now see the Space Elevator animations
  • Client players can now interact with Trains when the host is far away
  • The Hub is no longer invisible for a short moment when completing the final upgrade
  • Train Stations can now be dismantled and rebuilt in the same spot when adjacent to Foundations
  • Train Station clearance is fixed so Foundations can be built around it properly
  • Trains and Freight Cars now snap better to each other at track intersections and turnouts
  • Fixed some missing or wrongly scaled Limestone node meshes
  • Fixed crash when trying to search for an online session ID when you are not logged in