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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.3.5.2 – Build 124504. This patch was released on June 11, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

We’ve got another hotfix for the Steam Release going live now on all versions of the game. This one addresses a few crashes some of you are experiencing when trying to play the game, as well as some login issues when starting the game.

We are also adding two start-up arguments that can be set as a launch option manually on Epic or Steam. One of them disables all multiplayer related connections, so no connections between accounts and EOS are attempted while playing singleplayer. The other start-up argument blocks Steam from activating while playing on the Epic Games Store, which allows players that own the game on both platforms to play using EGS only if their accounts are not linked and to run both versions of the game at the same time.

In Steam, you can set launch options by right-clicking on the game in your library and set it under Properties > General > Set Launch Options

In Epic Games Launcher, you can set this under Settings > Manage Games > Additional Command Line Arguments

In addition to this, we’ve added Serbian translations, updated all other translations, fixed some minor bugs, and are now blocking EOS metrics when playing through Steam, which are not necessary since Steam has their own metrics. You can find all the fixes in the notes below.

If you have any further feedback or bugs to report, please let us know on our questions site.

Welcome to all the new players who’ve joined our community <3 Seeing your response to the Steam release has been fantastic, hope you all are having just a great time with this as us.


  • Updated the area names displayed in the Join Game menu and Steam presence


  • Added Serbian
  • Updated all languages


  • Added a start-up argument that disables all multiplayer related connections (-NoMultiplayer)
  • Added a start-up argument that blocks Steam from starting for players that want to play via the Epic Games Store without connecting to Steam (-NoSteamClient)

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue with Windows usernames including special characters resulting in the following bugs:
    • Crash on start-up
    • Crash when starting or joining a game
    • Login stability problems
  • Fixed some incorrect spelling and spacing in the UI
  • Players should no longer be able to get stuck on a waiting screen when starting the game with incompatible accounts
  • Players should now always be able to log out their Epic account in the Options Menu
  • Blocking EOS metrics when playing through Steam