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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.3.6.5 – Build 136408. This patch was released on November 10, 2020.

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Hi Pioneers!

The Fluid Update is now out on Early Access. We’ve compiled all changes that are new to the Early Access version again in the patch notes, so you get a good overview if you haven’t been playing on Experimental.

In this update the new Packaging building is introduced, which takes over all packaging and unpackaging recipes from the Refinery (but no worries, your existing Refinery setups will still work).

We are also adding some serious upgrades for your Pipeline setups with the Pipeline Mk.2, Pipeline Pump Mk.2, and Valves that allow you to limit throughput of a Pipeline.

There are a bunch more additions, such as a new buildable Ladder unlockable in the AWESOME Shop, overhauled Jump Pads to make them much more useful, a new look for the Refinery, Serbian (Latin) as a language option, and several quality-of-life improvements. You can find all the details in the patch notes below.

This version should be largely stable (otherwise it would spend more time on Experimental), but if you do find any new bugs or have feedback for us on the added content, you can go to our QA Site at and let us know! We are super excited to push this update out to all of you. Hope you are all having a wonderful time and lots of fun with the game <3

New content[]

  • Packager
    • Unlockable in Tier 5, Alternative Fluid Transport
    • New building for packaging and unpackaging recipes
  • Pipeline Mk.2
    • Unlockable in Tier 6, Pipeline Engineering Mk.2
    • Able to transport 600m³ of fluids per minute
  • Pipeline Pump Mk.2
    • Unlockable in Tier 6, Pipeline Engineering Mk.2
    • Has a total head lift of 50 meters
  • Head lift feedback
    • When building Pipeline pumps there is now feedback to help placing them for optimal head lift distribution
  • Valve
    • Unlockable in Tier 5, Oil Processing
    • New attachment that can be used to limit the flow rate of a pipeline
  • Ladder
    • Unlockable in the AWESOME Shop
    • Their height can be adjusted by dragging the mouse Up/Down before placing
    • Just like the Wall attachments, they also can attach to Walls and under and on the side of Foundations
  • Two new alternate recipes
    • Steel Canister
    • Coated Iron Canister


  • Pipeline Pumps can now be rotated before being placed
  • Wall attachments can now be placed under and on the side of Foundations (Power/Pipeline/Hyper Tube Wall attachments)
  • Jump Pads (Overhaul)
    • Added visual feedback with the launch trajectory for the current Jump Pad and pre-existing ones while building
    • Launch angle can be adjusted while placing with Mouse Wheel, extra fine tuning is possible by holding down Ctrl while adjusting the angle
    • Updated visuals, it is now a new single mesh instead of several different ones
    • Renamed previous iteration of the Jump Pads to "Old Jump Pad"
    • Removed Old Jump Pads from the Build menu, Codex and Quick Search
  • Refinery
    • Updated visuals
    • Updated build menu icon

Bug fixes[]

  • Improved connection mesh for Power Poles and Wall Power Poles to always face the player and position better
  • Realigned ladders on some buildings where you could not grab onto them properly when climbing down
  • Fixed the capitalization of coal in the Resource Scanner
  • Fixed items being invisible near crash sites in certain parts of the map

Quality of Life[]

  • Build gun hologram will automatically switch to Wall Power Poles when aiming at a Wall or Foundation Side/Bottom when building a cable
  • You cannot put Power Slugs or Hard Drives in the trash
  • Removed velocity checks from Ladders so you can always grab onto them


  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Added new language: Serbian (Latin)