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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.3.8.6 – Build 142203. This patch was released on February 4, 2021.

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Hi Pioneers!

How’s it going everybody, we are still working on a lot of stuff but here are some more fixes for now, including the very highly requested fix for the conveyor belts not carrying off momentum.

As always, if you’re experiencing issues with this patch in specific or the Engine Upgrade in general please let us know in our QA site at We will read your posts every day.

See you soon, thanks for playing our game <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed vehicles getting launched in the air when exiting them as Client
  • Fixed Jumping off Conveyor Belts not properly carrying momentum
  • Changed Sliding so it works more consistently with different frame rates


  • Added support for Extended Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in train station names