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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.4.2.1 – Build 151773. This patch was released on April 26, 2021.

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Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everybody, it’s been a while, today we’re releasing this patch for the Experimental version with a lot of things that might affect the modding community so we want to get some feedback on whether things are okay or not before we move it to the Early Access version.

There’s a few fixes that made its way over here because why not, but the focus is the modding related changes, if you’re comfortably playing and using mods you might want to stick to the Early Access version instead as this update might break them for a while.

If there’s some newly introduced issues with this update that aren’t mod related, you can let us know over at our QA site as usual We read all of your posts.

Until next time, take care everybody <3


  • Allow modules with id SML to always load
  • Marked more stuff with FACTORYGAME_API
  • Game Icon changed and process renamed back to Satisfactory

Bug fixes[]

  • Attempt at making the background thread more stable when loading a save from a game session
  • Fixed the UI Scaling slider in the options menu shaking the screen
  • Potential fix for the game not always shutting down entirely