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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.5.0.6 – Build 171407. This patch was released on November 3, 2021.

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Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everybody! Another week, another round of fixes, hope this makes everyone’s experience with the game more Satisfactory :)

As always if we’re missing some important things that you think should be addressed, please let us know over at our QA Site We’ll look into it ASAP

See you all again soon <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed inventory slot abbreviated item text breaking the layout if the text was too long
  • Fixed Milestone Progression UI not being visible anymore
  • Conveyor Lifts and Floor Holes should now properly have soft clearance
  • Potentially fixed a crash when mass dismantling
  • Potentially fixed a crash related to using the Rebar Gun on Dedicated Server
  • Fixed SFX for Crafting and Work Bench missing
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would jump to the end when typing in the middle of a sign textbox
  • Re-added 2 missing Crash Sites
  • Potential fixes for some Pipe snapping issues
  • Potential fix for a Floor Hole related crash
  • Fixed Chainsaw custom volume settings not working properly
  • Fixed Vehicle physics not working as intended on foundations
  • Potential fix for Signs being reset when rejoining a game
  • Fixed background images used as icons on Signs being stretched
  • Fixed Hologram snapping always using automatic clearance snapping if a Client was building, it now updates settings between Client and Host/Server
  • Fixed customizer shortcuts being wiped from Hotbars in offline saves
  • Potential fix for rare crash on join in multiplayer
  • Fixed Nobelisk/Snowballs on Dedicated servers
  • Fixed Miner Mk.1 standby switch not working
  • Fixed more issues with clearance snapping
  • Fixed vehicle icons not rotating on the map
  • Fixed some scenarios where Trains waiting at a signal could sometimes have a collision with a Train passing by on a parallel track

Quality of Life[]

  • Changed ladders to have soft clearance
  • Added indicator for the HUD in Build Mode to display how many objects are being built when zooping
  • Changed conveyor attachments to have soft clearance
  • Added the FICSIT Check Mark to the monochrome icons in Signs
  • Improved interaction for Freight Carts and automatic doors


  • Adjusted sky light
  • Adjusted clouds
  • Adjusted post processing

Dedicated Server[]

  • Added IPv6 Support
  • Made FGAbstractServerWidget public for modders
  • UI should now properly display when new connections are astablished


  • Fixed a bunch of text issues (Typos, capitalization, inconsistencies, etc)
  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits