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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.5.0.8 – Build 172183. This patch was released on November 10, 2021.

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Hi Pioneers!

Hello again!, Here’s more fixes to a lot of the top issues we’re seeing from your reports.

As always, if there’s something we’re forgetting or something new that we introduced please let us know over at our QA site We read your posts every day.

Thanks for the support and we hope you’re enjoying our game <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Potentially fixed certain bushes/flowers not being able to be chainsawed in Northern Forest
  • Fixed typo in Concrete Foundation 2 naming
  • Factory Cart should now have proper physics on new foundation types
  • Fixed build gun looking weird during the Drop Pod Sequence
  • Fixed Factory Cart not having colours when held in the hands slot
  • Fixed Crash related to snapping a Conveyor Lift between two Conveyor holes which were too close together
  • Fixed a bug where the Conveyor Lifts would repeat the snapping sound in some scenarios
  • Fixed bug where Stackable Conveyor poles would not increase the cost in UI when zooping
  • Fixed minor visual bug when snapping a Conveyor Lift between two floor holes
  • Hopefully fixed remaining Nobelisk issues for clients (Firing, Explosions, UI Feedback, Responsiveness)
  • Fixed a bug where complex clearance would not be spawned on the server, blocking clients from building despite holograms being ok with it on server
  • Fixed Hyper Tube support holograms being invisible
  • Fixed Water extractor snapping issues
  • Fixed Self Driving Trains being slow when a Client was travelling in them
  • Potential fix for invisible Conveyor Belts, Lifts and Pipes
  • Fixed Train Honk not being rebindable and setting Left Mouse Button to Move Forward making the Train always honk
  • Fixed To-Do List not saving when reconnecting to a multiplayer session
  • Manually driven vehicles now take Fuel from Truck Stations
  • Fixed a Vehicle related crash
  • Hopefully fixed all issues with the Vehicle Refueling logic
  • Hopefully fixed all issues with Vehicles running out of fuel
  • Fixed two rare crashes in the Conveyor Renderer
  • Fixed player has joined messages not showing up for Clients


  • Increased Silica max stack size from 100 to 200, Updated Silica description.
  • Increased the amount of wood that is obtained from chainsawing pine trees in Northern Forest
  • Updated Raw Quartz and Quartz Crystal descriptions to reflect new use cases

Quality of Life[]

  • Added Text only layouts to Portrait Signs
  • Added Big text layouts to Square Signs and Billboards
  • Changed Power Poles to have soft clearance
  • Adjusted Street Light clearance size
  • Adjusted snapping size for Power Poles and Street Lights
  • Signs can now snap to Beams and Pillars
  • Added a directional indicator to the Signs hologram so it’s possible to tell their position when rotated
  • Added a “Consumables Volume” Sub Option and Medicinal Inhaler volume control has now been added under “Equipment Volume”
  • Implemented a generic world grid alignment for Foundations by holding CTRL when placing them
  • Walls can now be rotated when upgrading them

Dedicated server[]

  • Fixed spelling mistake in the server is offline message
  • Server state is now polled a lot less by the clients (at most 3 times per second) and clients back off gradually if a server does not respond to pings which makes the client behaviour less consistent with DDOS attacks
  • Clients do not store DNS lookup results in the server manager file and instead the DNS lookups are made every time the client starts up which makes the clients work better for servers with Dynamic DNS


  • Fixed a bunch of text issues, typos, and inconsistencies
  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits