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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.5.0.9 – Build 172651. This patch was released on November 15, 2021.

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Hi Pioneers!

Here’s a big patch for a bunch of assorted issues with some nice sprinkles of QoL on top :)

If we somehow made things worse or new bugs popped up please let us know over at our QA Site We read your posts every day and it helps us a lot

Hopefully this makes everyone’s experience with the latest update a lot better and thank you for your patience, we hope to make things even better for everyone.

See you all next time!, Thanks for playing our game <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed crash when selecting Inverted Ramps (and added a bit of future proofing so it doesnt happen again)
  • Potential fix for a crash related to tireconfig deletion
  • Fixed Nobelisks being invisible when first equipping for Clients
  • Fixed a rare crash when accessing the Train Station UI as Client
  • Made text prompts on Quick Switch more consistent
  • Fixed the + and - buttons on the to-do list being highlighted by default when adding items to the list
  • Fixed Vehicle paths selected from the "All Vehicle Path" tab made by a different vehicle remaining selected when returning to the "Load Vehicle Path" tab
  • Fixed a crash in the vehicle system
  • Fixed ammo count issues for Clients
  • Fixed remaining issues with Fuel and Vehicles
  • Vehicle docking wait times are now saved
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles could get stuck docking until their inventories were full
  • Fixed broken Water Extractor Snapping (This time for real)
  • Fixed so patterns are no longer rotated based on foundation rotation (Double for real)
  • Another potential fix for some of the foliage not being able to be picked up/chainsawed in Northern Forest and Rocky Desert/Dune Desert
  • Fixed Pipeline Pump Mk.1 not playing sounds
  • Actually fixed invisible belts, lifts and pipes sometimes being invisible for Clients (Triple for real!!!)
  • Fixed so beams properly align their rotations with snapped foundations
  • Fixed beam connectors snapping to the sides of beams
  • Fixed issues with beams and pillar snapping
  • Fixed issues when upgrading buildings
  • Stackable Pipe and Hyper Tube supports now also properly increase cost in UI when zooping
  • Fixed Conveyor Lifts not properly snapping
  • Updated Large Billboard to line up with other signs when placed
  • Fixed a Conveyor Lift visual bug when snapping through Floor Holes
  • Fixed Signs being able to be placed on weird rotations on pillars
  • Fixed some general hologram placement logic
  • Fixed some Beam rotation issues and improved how Beam zooping determines direction

Quality of Life[]

  • Added "Misophonia Mode" under Audio Options, this will replace "munching" sounds with sounds not generated or connected to human interactions
  • You can now press F to manually dock a vehicle on a Truck Station
  • Added a volume slider for "Manual Mining" under Equipment Volume
  • Added tooltips to Vehicle station elements (Hover over)
  • Quite significantly increased network scalability options. This should help with excessive load times on larger saves and for players who have never modified their network settings. (Gameplay > Network Quality)
  • Improved feedback when purchasing an item on the AWESOME Shop
  • Added "Other" as a Category on the Signs Image Browser sub-menu, Added Emotes and CheckIt Icons to it
  • Added Emission Strength (Brightness) and Surface Finish (Matte, Glossy) settings to all Signs

Dedicated servers[]

  • Implemented a first revision of the Save Manager in the “Manage Saves” tab under Server Manager
  • Increased the beacon connection timeout to 30 seconds (Previous value was 5 seconds)