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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.5.1.10 – Build 177909. This patch was released on February 3, 2022.

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Hello everyone, it’s been a while but we’re back with some more fixes and improvements. This patch brings all the fixes from the latest Experimental release plus a few more new things, hope you all find them helpful 🙂

As always, if we accidentally added some new issues please let us know over at our QA site We’ll look into them ASAP

See you all again soon <3, Thank you for playing our game.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed crash that would happen on startup if there was a vehicle path with zero targets
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where some buildings sometimes got a small height difference on some foundations
  • Fixed a crash related to Vehicle Automation for Clients
  • Fixed a bug in the Load Vehicle Path UI where the “Used by this vehicle” checkmark was missing for Clients
  • Fixed a crash when bringing up the Nobelisk Ammo Selection wheel without having any type of ammo on inventory
  • Fixed G key not being properly bindable for “Interact” due to a conflict with the “Cycle Nobelisk Ammunition” binding
  • Load/Save Path menu is now disabled when there are no paths
  • Fixed Productive Packer Deluxe minigame being stuck in the world after the HUB was dismantled


  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow players to use the textbox in the Valve
  • Added math expressions to the textbox in the Valve
  • You can now input “,” instead of “.” to add decimal values
  • Fixed the Vehicle Craft Bench UI being a bit off center
  • Train Menu can now be closed and opened with Q

Quality of life[]

  • Productive Packer Deluxe is now always available in the HUB
  • Made it so beams no longer require a valid floor

Dedicated servers[]

  • Improved stability of the packet router
  • Improved CPU usage of the packet router
  • Added a startup argument for disabling the packet router: -DisablePacketRouting


  • Added Esperanto to the game (100% complete)
  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits

Known issues[]

List of known issues