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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.5.1.2 – Build 174005. This patch was released on November 26, 2021.

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Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everyone, It’s time for Experimental to be reopened once again.

We would like to remind everyone that Experimental is where we do some changes that might be too unstable to put in the Early Access (Default) version, So if you are having no issues with the game right now you might want switch to or stay in the Early Access version.

Today’s patch includes a potential fix for those who are crashing on startup on when loading a game due to DX12 incompatibilities after we made it the default renderer.

It also includes the first of many of the active developments for Dedicated Servers so we can keep on improving them.

Has this update fixed your issues when launching the game? Is the Dedicated Server change good? Did we introduce a bunch of new issues instead of fixing them? Please let us know over at our QA Site We read your comments every day.

Hope you all have a great weekend and you get to enjoy more of Update 5, thanks for playing our game ❤️


  • Made it so when a game running on DX12 detects an incompatible Intel graphics card it will set the renderer to DX11 instead, this is to solve crashes on Start-up or Loading due to DX12 incompatibility.
  • If you are on an Intel GPU and you’re running the game completely fine in DX12, you can still force it by adding the following launch options:
    • -d3d12
    • -DX12

Dedicated servers[]

  • Implemented a mechanism that routes all server packets through the query beacon, in effect reducing the number of ports that need to be open/forwarded to 1, simplifying setup.

Known issues[]

List of known issues