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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.5.2.0 – Build 186638. This patch was released on April 28, 2022.

The original post can be viewed on Satisfactory's Discord, Reddit and Steam.


Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everyone, today’s patch brings a big bunch of fixes from the Experimental version over to Early Access, it also brings both versions to parity.

Some note worthy changes from the update are the Engine Upgrade to version 4.26.2, EOS account Unlinking, Localisation updates, tons of Vehicle and Train fixes and more!


Please read the EOS FAQ below and remember to back up your saves and any other important data in your Satisfactory folder (Saves, mods, config files, etc) on both Steam and Epic, this may or may not affect your Cloud saves as well so be wary of doing this unnecessarily or without a backup. Worth noting that this setting is only visible from the Steam version.

If we introduced some unexpected bugs, please let us know over at our QA Site We’ll take a look at them ASAP!

See you next time <3


  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.26.2
  • Epic Online Services (EOS) account link status resetting is now possible by going to Options > Online > Reset Account Linking

Bug Fixes[]

  • Multiple fixes related to issues with Path Signals and Block Signals for Trains
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles would sometimes get displaced for Clients when far away from other players
  • Fixed issue where vehicles would get stuck ghosting
  • Fixed bug where the Load Vehicle Path UI would display inaccurate path lengths
  • Fixed several minor issues related to vehicle automation
  • Fixed a bug where automated vehicles would sometimes be able to move without fuel
  • Fixed issue where automated vehicles would sometimes stop moving when about to enter a station right after loading a game
  • Fixed issue with automated vehicles sometimes continuing to drive despite being blocked
  • Fixed an issue where removing a vehicle target would result in collision avoidance not working anymore for that path
  • Fixed issue with automated vehicles sometimes driving into other automated vehicles that are waiting in line
  • A HUD message is now displayed every time an automated vehicle gets completely stuck (“deadlock”)
  • Fixed a crash when exiting the game when using Vulkan as a renderer
  • Fixed some issues where automated Trains could get completely stuck (“deadlock”)
  • Fixed a bug when starting a game with the “Skip Intro” option and then loading a save would result in the intro also being skipped in that save unless exiting the game and relaunching it first
  • Fixed re-rail holograms for Trains sometimes disappearing
  • Fixed Trains and Train Stations not showing the correct location on the map and compass
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if there’s a deadlock near a non-automated vehicle
  • Decreased the collision-avoidance distance for automated vehicles
  • Fixed a crash for client related to vehicle paths
  • Fixed an issue with vehicle path recording inside factories sometimes recording docking to stations on floors above the vehicle
  • Fixed issues with the Factory Cart having difficulties finishing path recording
  • Fixed a crash related to the vehicle representation on the map

Dedicated Servers[]

  • Fixed Dedicated Server crash reporter not working properly


  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits
  • Fixed Esperanto not working properly

Epic Online Services (EOS) FAQ[]

  • What does this mean?
    • When you first launch the game on Steam, you’re prompted to select whether you want to continue only using Steam (Left option) or if you want to link an existing Epic Games account (Right option) so you get your friends list from Epic Games to display while you’re playing on Steam, so you can invite others to play directly from here.
    • Please note that this has never been required for crossplay, you have always been able to join each other by using Session ID, The player hosting the game would have to press ESC while in game > Manage Session > Session Settings > Copy To Clipboard, and share that Session ID with the player joining it, which would then from the main menu click Join Game > Join via Session ID and paste the code in there which would allow you to join each other regardless of platform or friends list status.
  • So why does this matter?
    • Previously, it was impossible for someone to reset their account linking status on their own, they would have to submit an unlink request to our support email, now this should not be necessary anymore.
    • This means that if you changed your mind about the option you selected previously, you can now reset it so you get the prompt again so you can choose to unlink or link your accounts.
    • There are also some scenarios where your account status could get bugged and say that “Your currently logged-in Epic Games Store account is incompatible…” which resetting your account link status should also fix.
    • This also helps people who have accidentally linked the wrong Epic Games account, as you can now reset it and link the proper account.
    • If none of these things apply to you, then you shouldn’t worry about this, this won’t change anything and it’s just an option to help those who need it.

Known Issues[]

  • A reminder for people who have been having issues with unexpected crashes on startup or weird behavior with the game, in that case please try to verify your game files.

You can do this on Steam by Right Clicking the game in your Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files...

And on Epic by clicking on the three dots (“...”) next to the title or at the right side, depending on your selected library view > Verify

This may or may not redownload a large amount of files which might take a while depending on your internet connection or hard drive speeds so be wary of that.

If you are using mods, they might need to be updated or uninstalled after updating so please keep this in mind too.

  • If you are experiencing issues launching the game or loading a save and you have already verified your files, you might have some incompatibility with DX12 as the default renderer, you can try the following launch options to try to force DX11, DX12 or Vulkan to run respectively.
    • d3d11
    • DX11
    • d3d12
    • DX12
    • vulkan
  • Dedicated Server Crash reports, Currently Crashes that happen on a Dedicated Server are automatically sent to us, this is enabled by default, we plan on including a toggle for this in GUI but for the moment, if you want to disable automatically sending crash logs you can do this:
    • Go to the Server Install folder
    • Open “Engine.ini”
    • Add the following:
    • Save changes and restart the Server
    • Packet routing is incompatible with multihome, so we're automatically disabling the former when the latter is enabled