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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.6.0.1 – Build 192596. This patch was released on June 14, 2022.

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Hi Pioneers!

Update 6 is out already and so we have some hotfixes for some of the most annoying crashes we saw :)

We’re leaving the office for the day so if we missed something let us know over at our QA Site: We’ll check all your posts with our morning coffee tomorrow.

See you all next time <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed a crash when Client would place a second Truck Station
  • Potential fix when returning to the main menu when having built Drones
  • Fixed a crash related to creatures freezing up
  • Fixed a crash when damaging a player inside a vehicle with explosive damage
  • Fixed an issue with the Flying Baby Crabs not properly saving
  • Fixed the Truck Stations UI not showing up properly for Clients
  • Fixed a debug icon showing up on the Truck Station inventory when accessed for a second time by Client