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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.6.0.3 – Build 192921. This patch was released on June 16, 2022.

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Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everyone, here’s a freshly baked patch with some more bug and crash fixes and general improvements.

There’s still some more stuff we’re working on fixing, but if something is super annoying or if we’re forgetting something, let us know over at our QA Site: We look at your reports every day.

See you all again soon, Hope you all have a nice weekend <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Potential fix to a crash related to creature actions
  • Fixed a crash related to trying to unstuck a creature
  • Fixed empty player crates lingering in the world and creating other issues when interacting with them


  • Equipment HUD is now correctly updated for Clients
  • Weapon crosshairs are now correctly updated for Clients


  • Adjusted the Foliage pickup speed when holding E to be faster


  • Recalculated AWESOME Sink point values and made the new parts sinkable
  • Fixed Hatcher Protein recipe so that it correctly requires Hatcher Remains