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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.6.0.4 – Build 193448. This patch was released on June 21, 2022.

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Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everyone, lots of fixes today and there’s more to come, we’re still focusing on addressing some of the bigger issues, some stuff we’re aware of hasn’t been fixed due to it being more complex issues than initially thought, but we still hear you and we’re working on it!

If we’re forgetting something important or if we introduced some new issues, let us know over at our QA Site: We look at your reports every day.

See you all again soon, hope you’re enjoying the patch <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed Chainsaw sounds
  • Fixed minor camera clipping during Rifle reload animation
  • Fixed Snowballs missing their magazine when equipped
  • Fixed creature drops floating, now they should spawn closer to the ground
  • Fixed all build and dismantle interactions getting locked when entering a vehicle by pressing both Q and E at the same time
  • Fixed Flying Crabs not spawning from Hatchers
  • Fixed Hatchers respawning near factories
  • Fixed being able to place Miners on top of Resource Deposits (They must be Gathered first)
  • Fixed Resource Deposits being Invisible/Non-interactable for Clients
  • Potential fix for Nobelisk sounds playing across the world for other players
  • Fixed another crash related to Creature actions
  • Fixed Nobelisk detonator appearing equipped at the feet of the player when loading a saved game with it equipped
  • Fixed a bug where certain projectiles would not deal impact damage
  • Fixed so creatures don’t lose stress while stunned
  • Fixed Snowball explosions not blowing up foliage or destructible rocks
  • Potential fix for a crash that starts from players experiencing audio crackling and performance degradation on dedicated server in Northern Forest
  • Potential fix for some of the missing creatures in the world by correcting some of them having incorrect spawn locations


  • Fixed Pipeline flow rate UI not displaying correctly, this time for real
  • Fixed Medical Inhaler not working properly with the HUD Equipment slots
  • Fixed HUB and Space Elevator not being able to be turned off on the map or compass
  • Fixed a bunch of issues related to sorting in inventories
  • Fixed an issue where some equipment wouldn’t show the correct icon in the Equipment Slots
  • Adjusted Radar Tower description to match new functionality
  • Fixed various issues related to map and compass showing wrong values/positions
  • Fixed Player Health bar background scaling with amount of equipment
  • Updated Vehicle health bar to follow the new style of the Player health bar
  • Fixed AWESOME Shop category selection highlight being displayed on two separate categories if the player quickly selects a category when accessing the Shop for the first time
  • Fixed an issue where all player input would stop working if the Build Menu/Customizer was closed with the color picker open
  • Fixed a bug where “Invalid Session ID” could be displayed in the name of saves when trying to save a new session without typing a new save name
  • Fixed radiation/damage indicator being blocked by compass icons
  • Fixed items added to favorites in the AWESOME Shop being displayed twice when searching for them while having the favorites tab selected
  • Fixed Truck Station UI requiring multiple presses of E or ESC to be closed after selecting Load or Unload
  • Fixed issue where the Equipment HUD Slot for Consumables wouldn’t update properly on Client


  • Many fixes to foliage placement
  • Many fixes to foliage and world collision
  • Fixed an issue where it could rain without rain clouds or effects


  • Increased Quartz Crystal stack size to 200 (from 100)
  • Increased Black Powder stack size to 200 (from 100)
  • Removed Compacted Coal and basic Turbo Fuel recipes from the Hard Drive Options
  • Reduced player health regen rate in the 30% to 100% range from 0.25 to 0.1 recovery per second, effectively increasing health regen duration until full from ~5 minutes to ~12 minutes

Dedicated server[]

  • Fixed crash reporter not working on Windows


  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits