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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.6.0.9 – Build 195135. This patch was released on July 13, 2022.

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Hi Pioneers!

The crashes related to fighting Spitters have been more persistent than we thought, but we are pretty sure we’ve got a fix for them with this patch. Thanks for hanging in there and your patience!

As usual, if there are new issues or something we claim to have fixed still occurs, let us know over at our QA Site:

Hope you all are having a good time mauling Spitter again <3

Bug fixes[]

  • This time we definitely fixed the crashes happening when fighting Spitters. Hopefully 100%. Totally fixed.

Known issues[]

  1. A potential workaround for Foliage not being pickupable on Dedicated Servers is restarting the server and re-joining it. Sometimes moving very far away from the area you spawn in also results in Foliage being pickupable again, both in the new area and the old area. Worth noting that when Foliage is pickupable, it usually tends to break when disconnecting/reconnecting to server until the server is restarted. None of these workarounds are super reliable but they might help people play the game on the Experimental version on Dedicated Servers until we finish working on a proper fix for this.
  2. Resource Well Satellite Nodes have a few different issues on Dedicated Servers, from not working at all, the extractors not working or them working but producing Nuclear Waste instead of the correct resource and Clients not being able to interact with them. From version 194290 you should be able to dismantle and rebuild the Pressurizers and Extractors on a Resource Well and Satellite Nodes, this is a potential workaround for this issue while we work on a proper fix for this.