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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.7.0.7 – Build 210924. This patch was released on December 2, 2022.

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Hi Pioneers!

Hello everyone, here’s a bonus round of fixes, if you missed yesterday’s patch notes please take a look at them as they have a lot more stuff in them.

Hopefully this finally addresses most of the issues we’ve been having since the Experimental release but as always If we’re forgetting some super important stuff or anything you might find very annoying, please let us know over at our QA Site: We read your posts every day.

As always, with every new update if you’re experiencing some major issues launching the game or very unexpected behaviour, please take a look at the “Known Issues” section as this contains some very common workarounds for those issues.

See you all again soon, Hope you all have a great weekend <3

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed being unable to save Blueprints in sessions with names with empty spaces
  • Temporary fixes to Blueprint snapping in Foundations, this should make it so Blueprints no longer sink in-between foundations
  • Fixed Plutonium Waste and Organic Data Capsule being missing from Programmable/Smart Splitters
  • Potentially fixed throughput issues on Conveyor belts in variable framerates

Known issues[]

  • A reminder for people who have been having issues with unexpected crashes on startup or weird behavior with the game, in that case please try to verify your game files.
    You can do this on Steam by Right Clicking the game in your Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files...
    And on Epic by clicking on the three dots ("...") next to the title or at the right side, depending on your selected library view > Verify
    This may or may not redownload a large amount of files which might take a while depending on your internet connection or hard drive speeds so be wary of that.
  • If you are using mods, they might need to be updated or uninstalled after updating so please keep this in mind too.
  • If you are experiencing issues launching the game or loading a save and you have already verified your files, you might have some incompatibility with DX12 as the default renderer, you can try the following launch options to try to force DX11, DX12 or Vulkan to run respectively.
    • -d3d11
    • -DX11
    • -d3d12
    • -DX12
    • -vulkan