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This version was released on March 1, 2019. The original post came from the closed alpha discord.


Patch Notes: Closed Alpha 4.1, Bug fixes & game improvements. CL 94144

Here are some more fixes before the weekend! Have a good time :D

Bug fixes[]

  • Nut Bush now uses new meshes and scales correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the options menu wasn't loading correctly
  • Fixed production indicator on Hub Biomass Burner not showing the right colours
  • Fixed Storage rotation bug
  • Fixed that some resource items were not pickupable
  • Fixed a set FOV on Drop Pod mesh
  • Fixed a crash related to destroying foliage
  • Fixed client issues with updating the Hub when upgrading it
  • Removed rogue explorer from the level
  • Fixed Continue button in the Main Menu
  • Fixed that Escape works to navigate back in the Main Menu
  • Fixed production warnings in the Manufacturing and Extractor Menus
  • Fixed focus related crashes
  • Fixed not being able to research in the M.A.M
  • Potentially fixed a crash related to the Chainsaw
  • Fixed Oil Node placements


  • More Grass Fields specific combat and exploration tweaks
  • Implemented Grass Fields Stone Node and grass fixes
  • Fixed new grass and rivers in Lake Forest (south of Northern Forest)
  • Fixed new grass and rivers in Maze Canyons (east of Northern Forest)
  • Updated boulder meshes


  • Added more new icons
  • Hub Menu: Changed “Researching…” to “Current Milestone”


  • Renamed Alien Armor Plates to Alien Carapace
  • Renamed enemy drop research to new names: Alien Organs and Alien Carapace


  • Updated UVs on Hub monitors