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This version was released on March 12, 2019. The original post came from the closed alpha discord.


Patch Notes: Closed Alpha 5, Tier 6 & Caterium Research. CL 95031

With the upcoming Early Access release we want to test Tier 6 with you all! So, in this update we have unlocked Tier 6 and the Caterium Research Chain. To start the latter, just find some Caterium Ore and analyse it in the MAM. Of course all the polish and Quality of Life fixes for the Alpha Test Weekend have also made it into this build, together with several fixes for bugs that we gathered over the weekend. The patch notes don't quite include everything we have done to improve the game, but should give a good summary!

Hope you enjoy the patch, and give us your feedback ASAP so we can still improve upon before next week 😃 <3



  • Xeno-Zapper damage increased by 25%
  • Xeno-Basher damage increased by 40%
  • Updated Somersloop and Mercer Sphere description names to convey they are work in progress and currently net no rewards
  • Excluded research for Somersloop and Mercer Sphere
  • Adjusted a few alternate recipes unlocked via the Hard Drive research
  • Smaller tutorial flow fixes
  • Players don't respawn with full health anymore
  • Assembler now costs Modular Frames instead of Reinforced Iron Plates
  • Changed the default chat key from T to Enter

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed desync issues in multiplayer when dismantling wires connected to poles
  • Fixed desync issues on landing pads that caused stutters
  • Fixed issues with escape/main menu on different screen ratios
  • Fixed FOV issues with edibles & intro sequence
  • Fixed issue with Chainsaw normals
  • Fixed vehicles getting stuck in the Truck Station
  • Fixed that non-solid resources were hand-mineable
  • Several crash fixes
  • Fixed creatures making sounds after they die
  • Fixed remaining focus issues
  • Fixed buildings having no legs on client
  • Fixed several spelling mistakes


  • Changed screen textures on the Hub & Space Elevator
  • Custom build sound and animation sounds for the Space Elevator


  • Increased item drop area in the Hub Milestone Menu
  • More icon updates to buildings, resources & equipment
  • Added damage direction indicator
  • Tweaked take damage post process effect
  • Portable Miner now has TWO buttons. Crazy.


  • Green Kapok tree collision improvements
  • Full environment pass on Blue Crater (oil area east of Grassfields)
  • Gameplay pass on Blue Crater
  • Increased culling distance for creatures
  • Added last LODs for boulders in Grassfields and tweaked their culling distance
  • Updated pebble visuals
  • Updated caves across the map
  • Added perimeter gas VFX for gas pillars
  • Ambient sound polish on world
  • Added a bunch of new foliage pick-up sounds
  • Started on visual improvements for cliffs (partial update)
  • Added sounds for resource deposits being destroyed


  • Increased culling distance for wildlife
  • Added bouncy functionality for the Space Giraffe-Tick-Penguin-Whale Thing
  • Adjustment to small Spitter aggro behaviour and combat
  • Adjustment to Hog behaviour
  • Tweaked step height for Spitters, Hogs & Space Giraffe
  • Added collision to the Giant Flying Manta
  • Improved Stinger (spider-like enemy) movement and small Stinger attacks


  • Increased simulation distance for vehicles
  • Added honk functionality to Tractor


  • Fixed dropped equipment meshes for Chainsaw & Rebar Gun
  • Rebar Gun projectiles now ragdoll and launch players
  • Added ability to hit players with the Xeno-Zapper etc.
  • Sound fixes to Xeno-Zapper and Basher
  • Added flashlight sounds