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This version was released on March 15, 2019. The original post came from the closed alpha discord.


Patch Notes: Closed Alpha 5.1, Bug Fixes & Lots of Improvements. CL 95465

Next week is the Early Access release! We’ve been working on making the game as smooth, enjoyable and balanced as possible, so this update includes a whole bunch of changes and additions that hopefully improve the game a lot for you all. Please be extra thorough this weekend and report all major and minor annoyances to us, we'd really like to know if we missed (and fixed) the most glaring issues with the game currently. Let us know what you think <3

Hope you enjoy this update!



  • Rebalanced Steel: Steel Plate and Reinforced Steel Plate are now Steel Beam and Encased Industrial Beam (both have a different cost than before, Encased Industrial Beam requiring Concrete to produce)
  • Rebalanced Heavy Modular Frame
  • Rebalanced costs of Tiers 2 - 5
  • Rebalanced costs of Caterium Milestones
  • Moved Caterium research from Tiers 4 and 5 to Tiers 5 and 6
  • Moved Object Scanner and Beacon to Hub Upgrade 5
  • Moved Conveyor Belt Mk.3 and Storage Mk.2 from Tier 4 to Tier 5
  • Tweaked Blade Runners: Sprint speed boost down to 50% from 75% and reduced the fall damage curve slightly
  • Locked the Space Elevator Phase that opens up Tiers 7 and 8
  • Tweaked Onboarding hints a little bit
  • Slightly nerfed the Xeno-Basher

Bugs introduced[]

  • Tier 2 Milestone 2 (Obstacle Clearing) costs 200 Reinforced Iron Plates. Whoopsie. That’ll be fixed very soon.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed reversed normals on Stairs Left
  • Fixed entire Parachute stack being consumed, now only consumes one
  • Fixed Craft Bench / Equipment Workshop not being marked as occupied for clients when other players are using them
  • Fixed material bugs when dismantling Conveyor Belts
  • Gas damage is now applied to players in vehicles
  • Fall damage is now applied to players in vehicles
  • Fixed that players see their own player marker on Compass after respawning
  • Fixed Dismantle Highlight and Collision bug
  • Fixed that the mining animation doesn't continue playing when the player runs out of inventory space
  • Fixed the sound bug on the Biomass Burners integrated into the Hub
  • Fixed that jumping during the end animation of the Intro Sequence send the player flying back into space
  • Fixed that entering water during Onboarding resets the key restrictions
  • Fixed Beacon names not appearing on the Compass
  • Lots of level bug fixes across the world
  • Several subtitle, VO and spelling fixes
  • Several crash bug fixes
  • Fixed holding space bar and Alt+Tab out of the game while crafting
  • Fixed that Shift+Click sometimes needs to be pressed twice to function


Quality of life[]

  • Changed Death Crates to only disappear from the Compass when emptied
  • Photo Mode now saves to Screenshots folder outside the Save Files folder
  • Photo Mode UI visibility can now be toggled
  • Added a notification for completing MAM research
  • Double click now instantly equips equipment
  • Added functionality to skip the Intro Sequence


  • Added and improved more icons
  • Improved email notifications
  • Disabled the Hotbar when interaction UI is visible
  • Updated timing on Damage Indicator
  • Changed Space Elevator Phase names
  • Tweaked and restyled pick-up animation on HUD
  • Restyled ingame Chat
  • Restyled Newsfeed
  • New Colour Gun UI
  • Added Gas Mask HUD feedback
  • Added smoke to Hub launch button
  • Added player Health Bar to Vehicle HUD
  • Added sound to taking a picture in Photo Mode
  • New Milestone Unlocked HUD animations
  • Adding text to show power consumption in the Power Graph
  • Added option to set motion blur


  • Continued cliff material and texture improvements (still ongoing)
  • Tweaks and fixes to Dawn and Dusk
  • Tweaks and fixes to the skysphere
  • Made one of the planets circling the world slightly bigger
  • Adjusted fog and lighting in Rocky Desert and Northern Forest and several other areas
  • Added a special pick-up sound for the Slugs, Mercer Sphere and Somersloop
  • Increased distance field shadow render distance
  • Pimped cliff tops in Western Dune Forest (west of Grassfields)
  • Culling distance and LOD fixes in several areas


  • Added fall damage curves to all relevant alien creatures
  • Small tweaks to Alpha Hog roar reach
  • Small tweaks to Small Spitter projectile attack
  • Tweaked Hog behaviour to prevent them from running off ledges on their own
  • Alpha Hog can no longer be staggered while charging
  • Tweaked Hog & Spitter falling and take damage animations
  • Reworked Flying Baby Crab behaviour

Player character[]

  • Tweaked sprint and swim first person animations


  • Added honk to Vehicles
  • Tweaks to Truck sounds
  • Made more foliage destructible by Vehicles


  • Tweaks to the Intro Sequence

Items and equipment[]

  • Fixed LODs for Chainsaw
  • Tweaked Rebar Gun projectile VFX
  • Added new mesh for Fabric
  • Added third person Jetpack animation
  • Added first person Jetpack animation


  • Better looking LODs and skeletal mesh culling
  • Optimised resource items

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