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The Personal Storage Box is a small container for storing items. It is exactly 100 times smaller than a Storage Container at 2 m3, has one more storage slot (25), and lacks conveyor ports, making it only accessible to pioneers.

HUB Storage Box[]

A Personal Storage Box can be found in the HUB once unlocked in Tier 0. It cannot be moved, dismantled, or copied with the building eyedropper.


  • Despite its name "Personal" Storage Box, it can be accessed by all players in a multiplayer session.
  • Personal Storage Boxes can be stacked vertically, 1 m apart from each other. This can be achieved by constructing stacked 8x1m Foundations, then building the upper Storage Box and dismantling the upper Foundation. The lowest Storage Box goes last.
  • Additionally, they can also be placed on the sides of a Foundation (but not a wall), snapping horizontally but not vertically, 1 m apart.