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Poison gas being spewed by some poison pillars

Poison Gas is a dangerous, green gas created by Spore Flowers, Poison Pillars, and Elite Stingers, that deals 5 damage per second to the pioneer. Other creatures don't seem to take any damage from poison gas. The Gas Mask can be used to temporarily prevent taking damage from it. Spore Flowers will stop producing poison gas when blown up, but while there is currently no way to get rid of poison pillars, there are plans to deal with them in the future.[1]

Some areas of the map are filled with poison gas without there being Spore Flowers, Poison Pillars, or any other source for it.

The screen becomes tinted red while in poison gas, even with the Gas Mask equipped. If in an Electric Locomotive or Hyper Tube, the screen will take on a yellow tint when passing through a visible gas cloud, but no damage will be taken.

Crash Sites, Power Slugs, Mercer Spheres and Somersloops are sometimes located in poison gas.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the pioneer only stays in the poison gas for less than 1 second, then no damage will be taken.[citation needed]
  • If the pioneer is within the radius of multiple sources of poison gas, they will take more damage than if stood within the radius of only one source.[2]

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